​Live animals used as test dummies in cruel car crash experiments

Living animals are regularly used for cruel car crash experiments by Research Institute for Traffic Medicine and Daping Hospital, according to PETA. 

In a blog post on their official website, PETA claims that this institute often tests car crash scenarios with live dogs and pigs. They fasten the frightened animals into car seats and ‘crash them into walls until their bodies are bloody, bruised, and mangled‘.

PETA has listed several violent experiments done to these animals so far. One of the cruelties experimenters do is forcing dogs onto an L-shaped rigid seat in a human sitting position using cloth restraints. Then they limit the dogs’ movements by using steel wire ropes and sewing sensors into their heads.

Photo: © 2018 Sishu Guan et al.

As for pigs, experimenters tying them to metal sled for hours without giving them any food or water. And this is not the worst thing they do to them. As stated in the post they also ‘screwed a metal block into their pelvis, inserted electrodes into their abdomen, slammed them into a wall, which caused multiple fractures and severe injuries to the animals‘.

After starving them for 24 hours and leaving them without water for over 6 hours, experimenters strap the pigs into a car seat and slam them into a wall.

Half of the tested animals die right away.

At the end of every experiment, if the test subject has somehow survived the crash, they kill it and dissect it for examination.

Photo: © 2018 Sishu Guan et al.

The animal rights organization points out their position about these horrific acts of cruelty:

“Using sentient animals in car-crash tests is cruel, archaic, and unjustifiable.”

International Journal of Crashworthiness

Nowadays, suchlike companies have the resources and the advanced technology needed to proceed to test without hurting any living beings. There are many harmless ways these car-crash experiments can be done. For instance, 3-D medical imaging, or virtual reality simulations. It is unacceptable for anyone to continue abusing and tormenting animals in the technological era we live in.

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