Little Girl, 4, Celebrates Beating Cancer With Heartwarming Photoshoot

Cancer is a deadly disease that does not pick and choose. It does not matter how wealthy or poor, old or young you are, anybody can fall victim to it. 

And unfortunately, this is what happened to 4-year-old Lula Beth Bowden from Vernal, Utah, who was told by medical experts in March that she had developed a Wilms tumor – a type of pediatric cancer – on her kidney.

Needless to say, Lula Beth’s family were crushed, but they knew her fight for survival was just starting.

In an interview for Good Morning America, Lula Beth’s mother, photographer Kristin Bowden, said the following:

“We never expected this news to happen to us. It’s always sad, heartbreaking stories of others that you see, until it happens to you.”

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We’ve had a lot of people already reaching out and sending their love and concerns, so we thought we could update everyone and mainly ask for all the prayers we can get. Our world has been rocked upside down. My perfect Lula Beth is currently being seen at Primary Children’s. She has been so sick, up and down since the beginning of March. We went to multiple doctors and just weren’t satisfied with the diagnosis’ and answers/medicine we were getting that seemed to not be solving anything. We knew it was something more. We ended up taking her to the ER, where they did multiple tests. They were able to find a huge tumor growing on her kidney. They immediately sent us out to Primaries. We are still in the dark on exactly what it is, but have a few different ideas of what type of tumor/cancer we are dealing with. She will be having surgery on Thursday for the removal of the tumor and from there they will decide treatment and how/when to start chemo. I can’t even bring myself to say the word, but my baby girl is battling cancer. Please, please send us all of the prayers that Thursday will go smoothly. We know prayers work and miracles happen. We know it is in God’s hands, but man this is hard. So please just say a prayer for us. #lulabethstrong #wilmstumor #cancersucks #pediactriccancer #cancerawareness

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The little angel needed to undergo deep surgery to not only have the large tumor taken out, but the doctors also had to remove her whole kidney.

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This is cancer. Once I could get my thoughts together after hearing her diagnosis one of my first realizations was, “chemo will take her hair..” It gave me such a pit in my stomach. And yet, in the big scheme of things it seems so little and silly, but it still remains such a hard thing to grasp. I’ve been preparing myself for this moment for 10 weeks now. I knew it was coming. About a month ago when we were buzzing brothers hair for his quarantine cut, I mentioned to Lula to start preparing her, “This may be what we have to do to your hair at some point.” And to my surprise her reply was, “Let’s do it right now!” That’s my girl! 3 years old, not afraid of anything and ready to tackle on any task and with such grace. She teaches me so much daily. What matters, what does not. She is so strong and through this trial has been the light to our whole family. I strive to be more like her every single day. She is so brave. She is so strong. She isn’t letting anything get her down. We are continually thanking God for all of these blessings and answers to our prayers. My beautiful, brave baby girl. I love you so much. . . #lulabethstrong #fearlessfighter #wilmstumor #cancersucks #pediactriccancer #cancersawareness #wilmstumorwarrior #pediactriccancerawareness #morethan4 #childhoodcancerawareness #childhoodcancer #fcancer #wearesurvivors

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Over the next 22 weeks, Lula Beth then had to go through 13 chemotherapy sessions.

However, despite being such a harsh battle for such a young child, Kristin told GMA:

“She flawlessly got through them all and remained the light in our family.”

On August 7, the little warrior fought through her final round of chemo, and the family eagerly awaited the results.

“She has not complained once and graciously completed her course,” Kristin said.

Three weeks later, Kristin made an Instagram post sharing that Lula Beth had been completely cured of cancer. 

In celebration of the wonderful news, Lula Beth took part in an amazing photoshoot with her mother, in which she can be seen holding a sign that reads:

“It came. We fought. I won.”

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She did it!!! CANCER FREE 😭🧡😍

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Kristen has regularly been posting updates on her page, and told GMA:

“I have tried to document this season in our lives so we could look back on it forever. It’s been a very emotional time for us.

We have been so happy and it has taught us to never take life or health for granted.”

Congratulations and best wishes to Lula Beth and her family! Well done, brave little angel!

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Round 13 is complete! She is a fighter!!

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