Life Lessons That Should Be Taught In School. List of 7 Items

Have you ever found yourself in a desperate situation whereby all you are asking is, “I wish there was someone to teach me how to deal with this kind of issues while I was in school.”

Be it managing your tax rates or even learning how to come up with a good meal, there are some life lessons that our school curriculums do not offer.

Academic education can teach us how to be good at Mathematics and English, but these lessons are not of much use to us out there. As much as these lessons are of much help to us academically, there is a need for lessons pertaining other topics about life to be added in our schools. In light of this, below are some of the lessons that schools should take up in their curriculums.

Having Healthy Sexual Values

The one lesson in life that schools should ensure that they teach is the essence of healthy sexual values. The reason behind this is that the society that most of us have grown up in educates children on the importance of good work ethic and accountability among other virtues, but hardly does the topic of ethical sexual values come up.

However, it is important to note that this should not interpret to the topics on honesty, generosity, empathy, and kindness getting watered down. Instead, sexual values education should be held in equally high esteem with the above-stated issues. When our children are openly taught about how to promote exceptional sexual behaviors, we will be crafting them into the much needed universal sexual standards in our society. With this at hand, the sexual aspect of the next generation is bound to grow improve, with sexual evils such as rape being annihilated

How to Come Up With a Balanced Budget

The art of monitoring both your expenditure and income at an early age is one of the most excellent tools for tackling life that a child can be given. Be it even in simple activities such as showing them how to save their monthly pocket allowances to buy things for themselves such as video games; these principles will, in the long run, change their financial point of view for the better.

Despite most of the financial lessons that children acquire being from their parents, it is the high time that business management classes are introduced into the various curriculums. A school lesson on finances and budgeting will work better to reinforce financial responsibility that parents try to kindle back at home.

How to Be in Tune with their Mental Health

Classes on mental health can be the difference makers when they aim at building children`s resilience as well as equipping them with the awareness of sound mental health. However, we should always remember that the promotion of children`s wellbeing should be a primary part of the activities that schools perform. This is the reason as to why schools require recognition and incentives for taking a “whole-school” mental health approach.

How to Make Interesting and Healthy Food

Even though there are some subjects in our schools that are centered around food, it is difficult to come across such subjects that emphasized the nutrition aspect of food. However, this should not be the case as knowledge on nutrition is priceless in children`s future lives. The knowledge of how having the proper diet could help them increase their energy stored as well as maintain healthy bodies is a priceless pillar in the quest for attaining a healthy population.

Time Management

Most people tend to underestimate the essence of time management. This, however, does not mean that we should spend every minute of our lives doing nothing else apart from working. With proper time management, a person can factor in and utilize the time spent aside for leisure activities, self-development, hobbies and spending time with family. All these activities are essential for the forging of an all-round and stress-free child.

By introducing time management lessons in our school curriculums, we will be teaching our children how to remain self-disciplined and how to focus on their goals. A significant number of students emerge as college graduates with little or nothing to show for how they spent their time in college. This goes ahead to indicate the dire essence for time management level at all levels of learning.

How to Cope With Failure

Most people often graduate school with thoughts of how they will go out and conquer the world. However, these dreams quickly fade away when they are faced with their first experience with failure and grieving, and they end up hitting a wall. By teaching children that failure is paramount in the quest for success; they will change their mindset and embrace making mistakes to have breakthroughs in the long run. Schools should do away with the deficiency in skills, programs, and strategies that are being implemented in schools to cultivate lessons on the essence of failure, how to react during defeat and how to make the best out of failures.

To Always Improve Themselves and the Things around Them

Children must be made to understand that the developments of this modern world are the handiwork of great inventors of old and these technology tools are the reason they can write essay on communications. They should also be taught to see the mechanics behind the technology that they so avidly use for them to get inspired to keep the innovative culture from burning out. By so doing, they will get challenged to emerge from the shadows of their predecessors and strive to imagine, create and program their pieces of technology. By so doing, they will have acquired the critical value of knowing that everything in their environment has the potential to be improved upon.


School is one of the best platforms for people of all ages to grow academically due to the vast array of subjects that are in the education programs around the world. However, most of these subjects are concentrated on academic principles alone, thus leaving out the vital lessons about life. With the addition of some lessons in our curriculums, the void of lacking life lessons in our classes can end up being adequately filled. These 7 lessons should be considered by schools and incorporated into their programs for their students to emerge with a holistic understanding of life.

Have the lessons above challenged you to seek more information concerning them? Which ones in particular?

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