Letting go of an almost relationship is painful. But it’s also freeing.

Letting go of a half-ass relationship with a person who has everything you’ve ever needed on the surface, but has never fully committed to your bond, hurts like hell.

But it’s one of the best decisions you could ever make!

Maybe you were together for months, even years. They had checked all the boxes on your list and appeared to be the perfect match for you. Your young heart believed this would be the person you would grow old with. All of your friends were in love with you two as a couple and couldn’t help but tell you how cute you look together. But something was always missing.

At first, it all started as if you were in a movie. You glanced at each other, you fell deeply in love, you showered each other with attention. And suddenly, somewhere along the way, you realized you were living in a dream. That’s when you decided you couldn’t live like this anymore. That’s when you chose to stop fooling yourself and look for something real.

Still, the battle between your heart and mind was tearing you apart. The thought of leaving someone you shared so many memories with was terrifying. The risk you were about to take scared you even more. Your mind was telling you to stay with this person, as you already knew everything about them. Nothing could surprise you. There was something soothing in the thought of being with someone whose world you’re already familiar with.

Meanwhile, your heart whispered you deserved so much more. It told you you deserve adventures, excitement, and passion that moves every single cell of your body. You need to be with someone who inspires you and wants to see you thrive. This someone should bring out the best in you and make you believe in your true potential. Even though your partner was charming, successful, intelligent, sexy, they never gave you that powerful sensation, did they?

Realizing you have been with a person who was never THE ONE and never truly gave you what you deserved hurts almost as much as the actual breakup.

But it’s also the first step towards finding yourself and opening your heart to real love. 

It takes a lot of courage and strength to make the decision to leave a half-ass relationship. After all, you did have feelings for that person. You went through many challenges together. You created many beautiful memories. However, looking back at your relationship, you were always seeking something more. You were never fully happy. You always knew the love you had was nothing like the love you needed.

So you finally decided to leave. There were tears. There was heartache. But there was also a relief. You felt at peace with yourself for the first time in ages. You were finally free.

Sometimes you ask yourself if there would be another person who would gladly watch your favorite movies and read your favorite books just to get to know your soul better. You wonder if there would be someone else who would be happy to learn everything about your past and would love to build a future with you. Would you ever meet that special someone whose flame would perfectly match yours?

Well, only time can help you answer those questions. But whatever the future holds for you, it would be much better than being stuck with someone who never knew how to love you. The best thing you can do until you have your answers is to enjoy your freedom. Take this time to reflect and take care of yourself for a change. You deserve it!

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