6 Ways to Learn How to Better Articulate your Thoughts on Paper

In this time and age, writing is essential, not only in college but also in the career world. As such, I advise that you start working on your writing skills. It is also a vessel through which we as humans can process our emotions by putting down our thoughts and feelings.

When writing essays, you can always spice them up by using a brilliant synonym instead of that common word used by everybody. This, together with other useful tips, take your skill to the next level.

How to Learn to Articulate your Thoughts on Paper – 6 Simple Ways

You don’t have to worry about feeling like an armature when it comes to articulating your thoughts on paper. It actually means that you have the capacity to learn and improve in this area. So, how do you write that perfect essay or article? Well, follow through this article and find out ways to learn how to better express yourself through writing.

1. Write on a daily basis

The more you get used to writing, the easier it becomes to express yourself on the paper. Every task you set to undertake may seem unachievable at first, but once you get used to it, you can tackle it effortlessly. In the same way, expressing yourself requires a lot of practice and dedication before you can become an expert.

Writing on a daily basis allows you to learn new vocabularies to use in your work. It is nice to have words to interchange. For instance, another word for easier that you can smoothly interchange in your articles can either be effortlessly or simpler.

Make it a routine to work on a paper or essay every day, and learn new words.

2. Always carry a journal with you

Have a notebook or a journal by your side at all times so that you can note down any thoughts and ideas that come into mind. As humans, ideas come to us when we least expect them. Carrying along a notebook and pen ensures that you save them all in a way that is easy to refer to later, thus giving you content when writing.

Make sure that you have notes and content before embarking on the process of writing. This allows you to write effortlessly.

3. Believe in your skills

I have never had anyone write my paper for me while in college. I always believed that I had what it took to write my essay and assignments without external help. It got me here. Therefore, you also need to believe in your skills if you aspire to become a top writer. Believing in yourself helps you withdraw limits to unleashing your full potential.

Write even when you feel like you don’t make sense. It will all make sense eventually. No matter what, never stop believing in yourself and your ability to write.

4. Read widely

I read a lot of journals, articles, and books in my free time. Through this, I have been able to learn different styles of writing and what I need to avoid to take my skill to the next level. The reason why I have never had anyone write my paper for me is I don’t believe they have what it takes to write a better paper than me.

How do you write spicy articles if you don’t know what a spicy article looks like? Reading allows you to understand what to include in your piece and what to avoid completely. It helps you learn how top writers express themselves so that you can emulate them.

Each article, book, or journal you read should give you a lesson on how to better express your thoughts through writing.

5. Be specific in your writing

This is the most important way of learning to express your thoughts on paper. Not all your thoughts can be accommodated in one paper. Therefore, you should only focus on a specific thought or idea when you are expressing yourself.

You can put down several thoughts or ideas in one essay as long as they are interconnected and make perfect sense. Take time to explore what you think prior to the writing process. This allows you to have an idea of what you intend to communicate and how best to go about it.

Don’t mix up unrelated ideas. It makes you and your essays look disorganized.

6. Learn how to structure your paragraphs and sentences

As a writer, you ensure that your paragraphs are easy to follow through and have legible sentences. Have the reader in mind by and make everything written in the paper easy to grasp. This will surely help you express your thoughts and feelings better.

Each sentence in the passage you write should add value to the paper. Make your sentences as short and precise as possible.


Writing is one of the best ways to express your emotions, feelings, and thoughts to the world. However, this may be challenging if you lack the skills to be an excellent writer. This passage has highlighted 6 of the best ways to harness this skill and take it to the next level. All that remains is for you to get to work.

I never needed anyone to write my paper for me; not even once. If you take the initiative to do all your college assignments and papers by yourself, you will definitely improve your writing. All the best!

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