Lawyers Share The Craziest and Most Disturbing Cases They’ve Ever Worked On

Some of the most mind-blowing cases lawyers have taken on have been revealed in a Reddit thread. 

Lawyers too to Reddit to share stories about the most shocking cases the public has ever heard of.

After someone posed the question ‘Lawyers of reddit, what is the most shocking case you have worked on?” posts from lawyers quickly started pouring in, and some of their stories were quite disturbing, to say the least.

One person opened up about the healthcare system and a veteran’s benefits case.

“The government got out of paying benefits by arguing that the vet’s hearing loss was caused by gunfire from occasional recreational hunting rather than several years of working daily in close proximity to jet engines during his service. Enraging and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it,” the lawyer said.

Another shared:

“I was clerking at the time. Little kid fight club. Bunch of mom’s put their kids in a circle and made them fight each other gladiator style. Real dark stuff. Video included two 10yo girls beating the crap out of each other. Bets were taken but not on all fights. Some were just for entertainment. No fathers involved.”

And they kept stacking up…

The post was upvoted more than 10,000 times to date, with lawyers from all over the globe chiming in with their own tales of disaster. 

One shared:

“Back in the day I investigated and later in my career prosecuted lots of arsons so I worked a lot of fire cases. One time the crews roll up on a garage fire. They are met by the home’s resident holding a blood-soaked towel to his crotch. The medics get him stable and transported. He later tells us the voice told him to eat a whole box of saltine crackers without drinking any water and he was like ok, and did that.

Then the voice told him to eat the newspaper and he was like check. Then the voice said to cut off his testicles with a can opener and he was like yep. Then the voice said set the van on fire in the garage and he was like you got it. He did all those things in that order, and there were the scene photos of the testicles right there on the garage floor.

We got him into mental health court and he did pretty well.”

Makes you think twice about choosing this career path, doesn’t it?

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