Ladies: Is Your Intelligence Why You’re Still Single?

It’s Friday night, you intelligent young thing. One problem, you’re single.

The blinds are drawn, the TV is on at a low volume. Your cat walks into the room, and you give her a blank stare. You pour a little more wine and sigh. Shouldn’t you be out on a hot juicy date with a handsome man?

Well, probably. You’ve put in all the hard work that a woman would if she wanted to get a date. However, today’s climate in the dating world is letting you down though. You have worked tirelessly to build a nice career that makes you proud. You even clean your house, for gosh sake!

You’d enjoy a glass of wine and some real conversation for once. You stare back at your cat and just wonder why things are this way. Step back a minute, and think it might be what you’re doing right – not wrong that’s holding you back. If you’re an intelligent girl, things not working out comes as part of the territory.

When you are so intelligent, it’s easier to rid yourself of the bad muffins.

This is because they simply don’t mesh well with your smarts, and here are some reasons why.


You are too smart for your own good, girl. Men get intimidated when their lady is smarter than them. In conventional settings, the man is always thought of as the breadwinner. In today’s world, however it is just not uncommon for some couples to have a higher earning female than male. This intimidates some men, who feel they can’t measure up. Honey, you probably shouldn’t even mess with men who just want you for the sake of having power over you.


Locking hand in hand with your intelligence being intimidating – some men fear you are too smart and will just run away. Try being more inviting and praising men openly and lavishly. This should take a little of the pressure off and make them feel special and less intimidated.


Another reason for men to go so awry around an intelligence woman is getting found out. Men who are manipulative and controlling like a stupid woman. Men like this do not want a woman who can figure out what he’s up to. Lucky for you, this won’t trick you. You will spot a manipulative freak from a mile away, and be able to drop him off where he belongs.


For men who have an ego issue, this one is a deal breaker. Unfortunately, some men can’t see a relationship as something healthy to grow in. Instead, these men see their partners or potential partners as someone who they have to keep up with. If you smell this coming on, drop him fast. He’s dangerous to your growth, as he would rather see you fail to make himself feel better.

The bottom line is, keep doing what you’re doing. In these situations, you simply must keep plugging away. You are doing all of the right things, and you are beautiful. It’s worth the wait not to settle and wait for a man who values your intelligence.

Wait for the man who embraces your intelligence, not one who has an issue with it.

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