LA teen whose death is linked to Coronavirus was denied urgent care because he didn’t have insurance

A 17-year-old boy whose loss of life was reportedly linked to the coronavirus despite not having any underlying health problems was denied urgent care at a medical facility in California because he did not have health insurance.

Lancaster mayor R Rex Parris, confirmed the boy’s passing in a YouTube video last Wednesday.

He urged people to take the current crisis seriously and take all the necessary recommended measures such as social distancing, strong hygiene, and staying at home as much as possible.

“The Friday before he died, he was healthy,” the mayor revealed. “By Wednesday, he was dead.”

He added that the boy “didn’t have insurance, so they did not treat him” when he arrived at an urgent care facility in the area. The medical staff then told the child to go to a local public hospital.

“En route to AV Hospital, he went into cardiac arrest,” he added. “They were able to revive him and keep him alive for about six hours. But by the time he got there, it was too late.”

The boy’s death comes in the middle of a storm of news stories about your people suffering from severe COVID-19 symptoms.

This goes against previous claims that the virus is only fatal when it comes to the elderly and those with underlying health issues.

Another kid in Louisiana was said to have collapsed after being infected by the virus, in addition to a 21-year-old British female who also had no underlying health conditions.

However, the LA County Department of Public Health later noted that the teenager’s death was taken off a list of fatalities associated with the coronavirus. They said the CDC was still investigating the case and the symptoms prior to his death remain unclear.

Experts have recently warned that the hospital system in the US was already reaching full capacity.

There have been a number of 85,000 confirmed cases in the country so far, with 1,300 dead. These numbers are likely to rise significantly in the coming days.

New York has been at the centre of the crisis with close to 40,000 cases thus far. Despite the difficulties it was facing, however, the state has managed to distribute a large number of testing kits.

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