These Knit Jumpers From Old Harry Are Perfect For Keeping You Cozy And Stylish

With the summer weather far behind us, and the chilly winds of winter fast approaching, a cozy knit jumper is what everyone will be needing.

The knitwear of Old Harry has taken a modern spin on a vintage style, and left us all with something both unique and reminiscent of a simpler time.

Owners and founders, Ben and Jonny, happily recall the inspiration for this clothing line stemming from their childhood days spent on the British seaside. Being wrapped up in their parent’s old vintage jumpers was a fond memory of comfort and warmth. Both Ben and Jonny knew that regardless of where you were on the seaside, a good quality jumper was absolutely necessary.

Which is exactly what they have brought to the clothing market.

Old Harry offers 100% cotton jumpers with a hint of British seaside nostalgia. The jumpers vary in thickness to suit all the different times of the year. There are the thicker Cotton jumpers, available in solid colours, and there’s the Breton range, which are more lightweight and have a stunning striped design in keeping with the nautical theme.

And if you’re looking for something a bit more wintery, you’ll be pleased to know the Deep Sky Blue Lambswool has a frosted design that will be sure to stand the test of time.

Beanies and T-shirts are also available for the guy or gal who wants an Old Harry product they can wear year-round.

The name ‘Old Harry’ was inspired by a large rockstack that sits at the end of Studland Bay in Dorset. The rocks were given this name because of an infamous local pirate called Harry Paye, who hid his loot among the caves there.

So head over to Old Harry now and buy yourself one of their essential jumpers and for a 10% discount use our special code OH-IIS-2017

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