Kirk, the female Border Collie, excitedly watches herself winning the 2017 Purina Pro Challenge

A four-year-old Border Collie named Kirk is one of the best-trained dogs in the world, thanks to her human parent, Channan Frosty.

Kirk became the 2017 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge champion, and she knows it because from time to time she watches the replay of her glorious performance while celebrating like a true winner.

She completed the Saint Louis small dog course in just 33.69 seconds to claim the prestigious title.

Kirk bounces like a joyful kangaroo while putting around 10% of her actual run into watching the broadcast.

Originally bred in the United Kingdom for the purpose of herding sheep, the Border Collie’s agility is a natural extension of that, as most Scottish farms are filled with seesaws and small fabric tunnels. Kirk is simply the newcomer in a long chain of breed to combine intelligence and elite obedience with the ability to completely demolish a playground.

You can see Kirk’s amazing reaction while watching herself win the agility competition in the link below:

And the original video as aired on TV:

What are your thoughts on Kirk’s incredible achievement and reaction video? Why not try showing it to your own dog and see how she/he reacts 🙂

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