Kindergarten teacher saves 5-year-old girl choking during lunch: “It was SCARY”

A teacher saved the life of a 5-year-old after seeing her choking during lunch. 

A new teacher at Pleasant Ridge Elementary in Charlestown, Southern Indiana, had a life-changing experience.  On the third day at her new workplace, Chene Hunt saved the life of a five-year-old girl, Fallen Coleman, who was choking during lunch, Newsner reveals.

Credits: WLKY / YouTube

As Mrs. Hunt was keeping a watch over her class of 26 kids, she noticed little Fallen suddenly began struggling. The teacher, who previously worked as an emergency room technician, realized the child was choking, and she rushed to help.

Speaking to WLKY, Mrs, Hunt said:

“I looked at her, her lips started turning blue and that’s when I knew she was choking.”

The little girl recalls the chilling moment, saying: “It was hard to breathe.”

Fallen said:

“She[the teacher] started helping me. She gave me the Heimlich maneuver.”

After Mrs. Hunt’s lifesaving intervention, the girl was taken to the nurse’s office. Thanks to the teacher’s prompt action, she recovered in no time.

Fallen’s parents were deeply distressed when the school called them up to tell them about their daughter’s incident. Her dad, Dustin Coleman, said:

“My heart just dropped to my stomach, and it just scared me, but I was glad to hear she was OK. They were quick enough to relay that to me.”

Fallen’s mom and dad were incredibly grateful to Mrs. Hunt for saving their daughter’s life.

The Colemans paid a visit to the school to thank her teacher and savior in person. Mrs. Hunt herself was happy to help a child in need. The former emergency room technician noted:

“It was scary, but I’m glad my training served me well. It also served her well.”

Credits: WLKY / YouTube

The Greater Clark County Schools recognized Mrs. Hunt’s efforts, stating in a Facebook post:

“While assisting the Kindergarten class, she observed a student move toward a garbage can. She first thought the student was going to get sick, but then she noticed the student’s arms moving in a panic state. Mrs. Hunt immediately went to the student and noticed the student’s lips starting to turn blue. She performed the Heimlich Maneuver, which successfully cleared the child’s airway.

The student’s family, Pleasant Ridge Elementary School, and Greater Clark County Schools are very thankful for her fast and calm response. She was recognized with a Board Salute earlier this week.”

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