The ‘kid’ that got caught smoking on camera at a Turkish football game is actually 36

Social media, especially Twitter, went absolutely crazy over the fact that a very “young boy” was seen smoking throughout a friendly football game, intended to raise funds for cancer.

Nonetheless, it was later discovered that the young man that got everyone’s gears grinding was in actuality a very ‘youthful-looking’ 36-year-old father, who was attending the game with his own son.

This event transpired after Turkish clubs Bursaspor and Fenerbahce decided to take the opportunity of the international break and organize the game.

Moreover, with the massive following of both teams, it was agreed that all proceeds would be donated to organizations fighting against diseases such as leukemia, as well as foundations supporting children with Down Syndrome and autism.

Everything was going really well until the camera caught what seemed to be a carefree youngster smoking a cigarette among the crowd.

The mentioned fan was seated next to a child, as he was continuously taking a puff out of his cigarette until the camera moved past their ‘scene’.

Upset Turkish viewers were quick to unleash their wrath on Twitter, sharing the clip above while simultaneously searching through thick and thin with the intent of uncovering the child’s identity.

However, it did not take a lot of time and resources to find what they were looking for. As it turns out, judging from local reports on the matter, the ‘kid’ is actually a 36-year-old man who happens to be a Bursaspor supporter.

The young-looking father, in fact, brought along and was seated next to his own son with whom he got to witness live how the “Green Crocodiles” won 2-1 against Fenerbahce.

Image credit: Anadolu Agency

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