Keyshia Cole’s Mother Dies From Overdose On Her 61st Birthday

“At the end of the day, you’ll see me later. Up there. Imma be always where you can find me. Even when God calls me. A mother’s love will always protect you” – Frankie Lons

Frankie Lons, R&B singer Keyshia Cole’s mother, has passed away from a drug overdose on her own birthday.

According to TMZ Keysha’s brother, Sam revealed that Frankie overdosed at her house in Oakland last Sunday while celebrating 61 years of age. This comes after Frankie’s long-lasting fight against drug abuse.

Sam says he was visiting Frankie every day to make sure she was doing alright. Her battle with addiction has been documented and publicized on TV and social media by her daughter and others over the years.

Frankie and Keyshia. Image: Pinterest

Sam said the family wants people to remember Frankie as a devout mother who wanted the best for her children, despite her troublesome life.

Frankie and Keyshia’s father, Virgil, gave her up for adoption when she was very young and she was eventually raised by friends of the family. Keysha and her biological parents reunited when she was an adult after she made it as a pop star.

Their family struggles were featured on reality TV shows on BET. The main show was called “Keyshia Cole My New Life”. There, Frankie appeared regularly and the audience could see that she and Keyshia loved each other just like any other mother and daughter.

Image: Truth Daily

Keyshia often talked about her mother’s drug addiction problems and made sure she was given the treatment she needed.

She often shared pictures and videos of her mother’s periods of positive change.

In March 2020, Frankie made her family proud by staying clean for two whole months. Needless to say, Keyshia and fans were extremely proud of her accomplishment.

Rest In Peace, Frankie!

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