“Keep On Trusting In The Lord”: Georgia Woman Turns 100, Shares Her Secret To Long Life

A 100-year-old birthday girl from Georga revealed her secret to a long and happy life.

Marie Robinson, who celebrated her 100th birthday at her local community center with friends and family believes that “trusting the lord” is the key to a blissful and lasting life.

Before doing a little dance at the party, she lit a candle for her late husband, Moses, as part of a row of candles for people she lost during her long life, Fox 5 Atlanta reported.

Image: Fox 5 Atlanta

When asked about her secret, Marie said:

“My secret is to treat everybody right. And love everybody. Don’t hate nobody. That’s the only way we’re going to make it to the Kingdom. Serve the Lord.”

Image: Fox 5 Atlanta

Marie’s family said the following about her:

“Mrs. Marie Robinson has been an extraordinary role model to her family, friends, members of her church, and DeKalb County community. She is a giver and loves to serve others.”

Image: Fox 5 Atlanta

Marie had 9 kids, but only 5 of them are still among the living. In addition, she has 35 grandkids, 101 great-grandkids and 18 great-great-grandkids.

Image: Fox 5 Atlanta

Marie also had some advice for the young generations…

“The one thing I would like to say to the young people, to raise their children right. Because you know that the young people, they don’t seem to understand. But us old people need to teach them what’s right. Raise them right, tell them how to love one another. And just keep on trusting in the Lord and He will make a way for you.”

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