“Jesus, you look 50ish” – Mom, 36, hits back at haters who claim she looks much older than she is

“How old are you?” A mom reacts to TikTok trolls who try to shame her claiming she looks much older than she really is. 

Credits: Clare Dudley / TikTok

Clare Dudley, 36, from Cheshire, has been a victim of internet trolls for far too long, so she finally decided to step up for herself.

After reading multiple comments saying things like: “Jesus, you look 50ish,” “How old are you? You look similar to my nan’s age – 63,” and “Looks like you’ve been hit by a double decker bus, love,” Clare used the social media platform to respond to the haters.

The TikToker posted a video in response to a commenter named Susan, saying: “I’ve just had a look at your picture and I’m not being funny, that’s filtered.”

As per Daily Mail, Clare added:

“Come on Susan that’s a filtered picture, and my mum said on that picture you look her age and she’s nearly 60.”


Reply to @susanjane15 #fyp #claredudley #JDPassItOn #videoviral #BİZEHERYERSTAT

♬ original sound – Clare Dudley_official

Some of her followers were quick to support her, noting that she looks beautiful the way she is, regardless of her age. One wrote:

“Susan looks filtered and filled and she doesn’t look any better for it. There is no comparison. Clare, you are natural and beautiful.”

Credits: Clare Dudley / Instagram

Another questioned:

“Why is everyone obsessed with how old you look? Absolute saddos!”

A third asked:

“Why do people feel the need for filters and then criticise others in the way they look?”

In a separate video, Clare responded to a commenter, saying she was lying about being born in 1984. 

The comment in question says:

“1984, it’s not possible. I am 40-years-old and I look like your daughter. I was sure you were 55-60 years old.”

Fed up with all the hate she receives about the same thing over and over again, the 36-year-old mom decided to call out all the women who keep bothering her about her age.

“Show me a picture of you with no make-up on and no filter on and then come at me. Until then, shut it. Have a nice day.”


Reply to @zazu1boston #fyp #videoviral #JDPassItOn #BİZEHERYERSTAT

♬ original sound – Clare Dudley_official

What do you think about the issue with internet trolls? Have you ever been attacked by haters on social media? Leave a comment to let us know!

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