Jealous wife stabs husband after finding pics of him having sex with ‘younger woman’ – not realising it was actually her

A jealous Mexican woman tried to stab her husband after finding photos of him with another woman, who turned out to be her younger self.

  • A woman found pictures of her husband and a younger woman and attacked him with a knife.
  • It turned out the other woman was her younger self. 
  • The jealous wife may face prison time for her act of domestic violence. 

Leonora R., a middle-aged Mexican woman, had attacked her husband, Juan R, several weeks ago. As Oddity Central reveals, neighbors called the police as soon as they heard the domestic disturbance in the Urbi Villa neighborhood in Cajeme, Sonora.

According to the resident’s reports, Leonora had attacked her husband with a knife. The incident happened after she saw provocative photos of him and a younger woman on his phone. The jealous wife didn’t even give her man a chance to explain the situation. Instead, she lunged at Juan with a knife and shouted harsh insults at him.

The victim told authorities that he managed to protect himself from serious injuries while trying to understand why his wife was so furious and violent. Eventually, Juan found out the reason for Leonora’s rage. She showed him the pictures she saw on his phone. But to her surprise, the younger woman in the photos was herself.

While investigating, officials found old photographs of the couple being intimate on an e-mail Juan had saved years ago. The man had downloaded the images on his phone, not having the slightest idea his wife would go mad when finding them.

The intriguing photos were from back when the couple was dating. At the time, Lenora had a slimmer figure and wore makeup, unlike her recent appearance. She had obviously changed so much that she couldn’t recognize herself.

After being detained, Lenora R. is now facing charges of domestic violence. If she gets convicted on the charges, she may face prison time.

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