Jason Momoa And His Kids Built A Harley Davidson And Made A Wonderful Short Film For Father’s Day

Jason Momoa has just fulfilled his 30-year-old dream of building a motorcycle from scratch, something he accomplished with the help of his loving family.

The eight-minute short film, titled Where the Wild Stomped In, features the actor enlisting his 11-year-old daughter, Lola, 10-year-old-son, Nikoa, and close friends to help him construct the motorbike, which he has named his “family heirloom.”

“It’s just really my story. It’s something that’s very dear for me. And just being able to do that with my children . . . I never really grew up with that,” he says in the video. “I was from a single mother who taught me many, many, many things but I didn’t grow up with a father-figure who I was wrenching on cars with.” He goes on to share that “the biggest thing I’m trying to do for my children is just let them have their imagination, their creativity and to let that flourish.”

“My babies got to see their father learning,”

“The joy on their faces reflected the memory, the memory of that little boy in the back of a bike tearing through the backyard with a smile so big, it shut his eyes. I felt it when it happed to me, and now I could see it on the faces of my children. It’s that moment where the wild stomped in.”

In an interview for PEOPLE, Momoa said the family Harley will be passed down to his son, while his daughter will inherit his first motorcycle, which he has honorably named after his grandmother, Mabel.

“I hope they get to see I’m striving for my dreams and building new ones always,” he added, saying he also hoped to “inspire a younger generation to go out and shoot [films].”

Of his wife Lisa Bonet, he said jokingly “I’m really happy my wife let me do it because ultimately she’s the boss.” 

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