Japanese company wants to buy your face and sell it as hyper-realistic mask

How much would you sell your face for?

This Japanese company gives $380. Would you take it? 

Kamenya Omoto, a Tokyo-based mask manufacturer, is now buying the rights to people’s faces. For the price of  40,000 yen ($380), your face can become a hyper-realistic 3D-printed mask. They have called the highly controversial project ‘That Face’.

Credits: Kamenya Omoto

As per Oddity Central, the Japanese corporation wants to expand its business by reproducing realistic face masks. They are planning to sell the masks for $940. In case a mask proves popular with clients, the person whose face was used as a model will earn a significant percentage of the profits. The company’s website reads:

“We will buy and sell your faces. A science-fiction story has now become reality. No one yet knows what will happen to a world full of the same faces as you.”

The concept behind the project is to give a sci-fi twist to the idea of buying and selling faces.

Credits: Kamenya Omoto

Although the sci-fi design seems highly disturbing, Kamenya Omoto received a wildly-unexpected positive response since launching their first hyper-real face mask. What’s more, even though the unusual initiative was limited to the Japanese capital only, there was a huge interest outside Tokyo as well. After realizing how massive their project has become, the mask manufacturers decided to pick faces through a lottery.

As long as you are over 20-years-old, and you live in Tokyo, you can apply for a chance to sell your face for a profit. The only catch is that the people the company approves are not allowed to reveal their identities.

Currently, there is only one available option for buying such a realistic face mask. However, Kamenya Omoto promises that their customers will have more options to choose from very soon.

Credits: Kamenya Omoto

The idea of a real-life face mask was also featured in the project of a 3D printing expert earlier this year. Lalastein, a self-described professional 3D scanning expert, created an insanely realistic mask of his own face.

So, what do you think of this business niche? Would you sell your own face? Let us know in the comment section!

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