Japanese boy uses the power of makeup to turn himself into a cosplay queen

Shocking transformation: A talented Japanese boy turns himself into a world-famous cosplay queen.

  • Famous cosplayer Makina Jeanne finally revealed his face after 8 years. 
  • The Japanese cosplay enthusiast shocked everyone while exposing his true identity.
  • By unveiling his real face, Makina aspires to encourage others like him to follow their dreams. 

Using the power of makeup, a youngster from Hokkaido known as Makina Jeanne baffles everyone with his stunning cosplay skills.

Credits: Makina Jeanne

For nearly a decade, no one knew the real face behind Makina’s disguise – not even his biggest fans. However, as Oddity Central reports, at the beginning of 2020, the cosplayer finally decided to reveal his identity. In a January 2nd Twitter post, he shared a picture of himself without any masks, wigs, or makeup. In the tweet, Makina wrote:

“Eight years ago, the layer that started with Kimootagachi Yinka has changed so far. I was surprised myself. It’s still going to be beautiful. 💪

Credits: Makina Jeanne

The Japanese boy got into cosplay while he was a high-school junior. 

In an interview with the Japanese magazine Oricon, Makina said:

“When I was a junior high school student, I saw my seniors dressed as women at a school festival and thought, ‘It looks interesting!'”

Credits: Makina Jeanne

Being intrigued by what he saw, Makina decided to become a cosplayer himself. Unfortunately, his choice of a hobby was not well-accepted by his friends.

However, his loving mom was there for him during every step of his journey. Giving her son her unconditional support, Makina’s mother told him:

“If you really want to cosplay as a girl, then you have to be the most beautiful one!”

His mom’s words motivated the talented cosplayer to follow his dreams. Knowing that he was accepted by the person he loves the most made him work as hard as he could to improve his mind-blowing skills.

Credits: Makina Jeanne

When asked about the decision to finally reveal his real face, Makina said he wanted to show the world how the years of hard work have paid off. Besides, he wished to encourage others like him not to be afraid to follow their hearts.

What do you think of Makina Jeanne’s cosplay talent? Are you into cosplay yourself? Leave a comment to let us know!

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