“It’s Gross And It’s Unhygienic”: Inconsiderate Plane Passenger Slammed For Draping Her Long Hair Over The Back Of Her Seat

People on social media were appalled at the sight of a selfish woman who draped her long hair over to another passenger’s plane seat. 

The inconsiderate woman’s hair extended all the way beyond the tray table almost resting on a fellow passenger’s knee.

The image was shared by @Antman0528 on Twitter and was since seen by thousands of people, igniting a debate on proper airline etiquette.

One person said:

“Completely inconsiderate & unnecessary. Saying this as a fellow long-hair haver.”

Another added:

”A braid or bun isn’t that difficult. And honestly, if anyone wants long hair, they need to keep it to themselves, take care of it, and actually brush said here. There is no justification for this.”

A third wrote:

“I’m a terrible person and this is just an invitation for me to live out my character defects.”

Another person said a similar thing happened to them…

“I put my elbow on it several times. Never fazed her. People are rude.”

Other people said they’d just cut the woman’s hair if something similar happened to them:

“They sell TSA approved travel scissors. I’m amazed that more people don’t know this.”

Some said they would be more polite and ask the flight crew to have a talk with the woman instead. 

“I used to be an air hostess – my advice is never deal with a passenger directly.”

“Call the cabin crew, get them to tell this person to remove their hair immediately. It’s gross and it’s unhygienic.”

A recent report listed the top 10 breaches of airplane etiquette, with “Being rude to the flight attendant coming in first,” followed by “Kicking the seat in front of you” and “Getting on the plane while sick.”

Would you arrange this list in a different way? Let us know your thoughts on the topic by joining the conversation in the comments and please share this article if you’ve enjoyed the read.  

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