Italian Priest With Coronavirus Dies After Sacrificing Ventilator To Save Younger Patient

A benevolent act of kindness cost an Italian priest his own life.

He sacrificed his respirator to save a stranger from dying.

Don Giuseppe Berardelli was a 72-year-old archpriest at the parish of San Giovanni Battista in the village of Casnigo, Italy. On the night of March 15, the archpriest was reportedly hospitalized due to health complications triggered by the ongoing Coronavirus.

The church had purchased a respirator, particularly for Don Giuseppe.

But the priest knew he could help someone else, and he chose to give it to a younger patient instead of keeping it for himself.

He risked his own life to help a complete stranger survive.

Don Giuseppe was known for his ‘great kindness and helpfulness towards everyone’.

He was an archpriest loved by everyone with a wide smile and a generous heart.

The mayor of Casnigo, Giuseppe Imberti shares in a statement:

“He was a simple, straightforward person, with a great kindness and helpfulness towards everyone, believers and non-believers. His greeting was ‘peace and good’.”

Furthermore, Casnigo’s mayor continues telling how friendly and helpful Don Giuseppe was to the public administration and to many associations in and out of his parish.

“He was loved by everyone, his former parishioners still came from Fiorano after years to find him. But he also had an incredible ability to solve economic problems, to knock on the right doors for help.”

The beloved priest’s goodness has impacted hundreds of people throughout his life.

Clara Poli, who had been Fiorano’s mayor for several years, describes Don Giuseppe as ‘a great person’.

“He was a priest who listened to everyone, he knew how to listen, whoever turned to him knew that he could count on his help.”

Additionally, she recalls memories of the adored priest.

“I remember him on his old Guzzi motorbike, he loved his motorbike, and when he was seen passing by he was always cheerful and full of enthusiasm, he gave peace and joy to our communities.”

He does not leave us alone, from up there he watches over us and continues to run through the clouds with his motorcycle, who knows how many projects he is doing up there, also for us.”

Don Giuseppe Berardelli was born on August 21, 1947, and was ordained on June 30, 1973. In 2006 he was appointed archpriest of Casnigo.

Although the 72-year-old priest was suffering from severe health complications, he remained optimistic even in his final hours.

His heroic act of humanity in such difficult times was truly admirable. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who knew and loved Don Giuseppe Berardelli.

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