Italian couple suffering from COVID-19 mark their 50th wedding anniversary in an intensive care unit

An elderly Italian couple has celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in intensive care, as both of them are coronavirus patients.

Medics at the hospital organized for the couple to be together to mark this special day.

Sandra, 71, and husband Giancarlo, 73, have been admitted to the Murri Hospital located in the municipality of Fermo, in the eastern region of Marche. In a heart-melting moment, the lovebirds were holding hands across their beds with ventilators over their faces, as Mail Online reports.

Image credits: Newsflash/Roberta Ferretti

Thanks to Roberta Ferretti, a reanimation nurse in the hospital, who found out about the couple’s 50th wedding anniversary, Sandra and Giancarlo had the chance to mark their special occasion. Ferretti and other healthcare workers at the hospital organized them a little, yet touching celebration.

The reanimation nurse told local media:

“Sandra cried a lot, not for herself, she was worried about her husband. He told me how much he still loved her, after so many years. When I found out that it was their anniversary, I thought they had to celebrate it.”

Due to the harsh conditions they are currently struggling with, the party lasted only 10 minutes.

The supportive medical staff was celebrating along with the elderly couple. 

Image credits: Newsflash/Roberta Ferretti

Ferretti described the golden wedding anniversary they organized at the hospital:

“We put the 50 candle on a small cake because you cannot light it near oxygen, we played the Wedding March, they had their beds together and they held hands, with the little strength they still have. It was an amazing moment, very beautiful, those minutes alone pay us for all the sacrifice we have made these days. He kept repeating how much he loves her, we broke into tears. In the air, you could feel the love you chase your whole life.”

The head of the intensive care unit, Lusisanna Cola, shared:

“I only push my cooperators to always see the person and the patient and use their identity and their history as support for their recovery. Sometimes, a miracle happens, like in this case.”

Sandra and Giancarlo’s children, Gianluca and Andrea, reportedly received the photo of the celebration. They were incredibly thankful for their thoughtful gesture and cares for their parents.

“Our parents were born to be together, they are an old fashioned couple, those which do not exist anymore.”

The elderly couple has been released from reanimation, and it is believed that they will be discharged together. The nurse shares that she hopes people keep following the stay-at-home measurements.

By April 14, there are 159,516 coronavirus cases in Italy, with 20,465 deaths.

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