It Took This Tattoo-Addict “Grandma” Just 5 Years To Completely Cover Her Body With Ink

Leipzig, Germany: A 55-year-old woman reportedly spend about $35,000 over the last 5 years covering almost her whole body in ink.

Kerstin Tristan’s tattoo tale began back in 2015. She is a taxi driver who decided to get her first tattoo in order to spice up her life a little bit. But Kristin did not stop there and eventually became obsessed with covering herself in tattoos. Now, one could say, she is wearing an ink bodysuit.

She reportedly spent 30,000 Euros ($35,000) on her tattoos so far and has no plans to stop going even further.

Kerstin says she is happier than ever and that the tattoos bring her satisfaction and energy.

They have also unsurprisingly brought her a large online following of more than 100,000 people on Instagram.

She also has thousands of subscribers on OnlyFans.

It may be hard to believe that a woman her age went from having zero tattoos to being covered head to toe in ink in a matter of just 5 years, but she regularly shares pictures of herself before and after the huge change.

And she looks nothing like her former self.

And although most people may think Kerstin has taken it too far, she says that she finally found inner peace and feels incredible inside and out.

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