A Boston Man Claims An Intruder Broke Into His House, Cleaned It, Then Left

Imagine waking up and rushing to get done for work, you leave your home untidy with the intention of coming home and cleaning it, only to come home and find your messy home in immaculate condition, as though you just had a cleaning lady in for the day.

Nate Roman lives in a single family home in Marlborough, Massachusetts with his son. On May 15 Nate and his son arrive home after a day at work and school only to find their front door unlocked.

He immediately assumed he has been robbed. However after inspection he found nothing had been taken, instead his home was left sparkling clean.

Upon finding the door unlocked, “(My son had said), ‘Dad! The door is unlocked’.” Nate had left his front door unlocked before by accident so didn’t think much of it, but when they walked in the house they both sensed something was different.

He eventually realized that someone had indeed been in the house because the door he normally kept open was firmly shut . Nate immediately went upstairs to investigate the rest of his home. When he went into his son’s room, which before they left that morning had looked like a bombshell had hit it, was in pristine condition. “Rugs were vacuumed, everything was neat and put away,” Roman said.

He called the police and when they arrived they immediately cleared the home to make sure no intruders had stayed behind. According to a CNN affiliate at WBZ-TV, police had told them that they had questioned the neighbours and no one saw anything suspicious, so there are no suspects.

“No crime happened, nothing was missing or damaged, so the police have very little to go on,” Roman had said.

Because Roman had not set the security system that morning the cameras never got any pictures of the intruder. However the time stamp on the door sensors showed that the intruder stayed in the house for about 90 minutes before leaving.

Later on Roman discovered something very weird in the bathroom, toilet paper roses, the kind you’d find in a hotel room which lead him to assume that a cleaning service had come in and cleaned the wrong house, however, the kitchen was left untouched which threw that theory out the window.

There have still been no leads or arrests and Roman says that he still opens some cupboards slowly in fear that the intruder left something behind.

Roman has since changed all the locks on his doors and remembers to activate the security system before leaving for work. Despite the confusing ordeal he still keeps the toilet paper roses as a souvenir and reminder to lock check his doors before leaving.

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