Introvert: I Don’t Want To Go But Please Invite Me

Life can sometimes get lonely just because of all the exciting activities we see and imagine all around us.

We hear about all kinds of social activities and party’s to which we were not invited. People rush to buy snacks before the “world finals” or party beverages and foods during the holidays, and we imagine their houses filled with wonderful friends and family, all having a great time. And sadly, we are left behind, with our studies, TV, or just a pet. Sometimes loneliness can even get physical and that needs to be addressed.

Even though loneliness, just like any other pain, can serve its purpose, it is mostly a negative feeling about what we believe we’re missing out on.

Every day we are bombarded with commercials and other sorts of videos about giant parties, and holidays, it’s easy to think that this is what we should be doing too. If we are at school or university we hear people talk about their amazing weekends, and this can instantly make us feel like we’re missing out on life as it should be lived.

Next time you feel left behind and lonely, try to understand whether you’re truly lonely or you’re just feeling as if you’re missing out on something.

If it’s loneliness that bothers you, maybe you should try being more social, meet some new people, or spend more time with the friends you already have in life.

And if your friends are more than enough for you, don’t feel as if you need to play catch up with other people’s standards just for the sake of it. Furthermore, if you’re going out as much as you feel necessary, just be happy with that and don’t worry about what others are doing.

When word comes to you about that awesome party and you get that feeling of loneliness and failure, try asking yourself whether you really want to be there, or if you would have just have liked to be invited.

Sometimes asking yourself that question can be enough for you to realize how glad you are not to have to think of an excuse not to go. This way you can spend your relaxing evening at home with a renewed feeling of appreciation.

Do you believe that sometimes you don’t really want to go to a certain place but you would just want to be invited? Let us know your thoughts by joining the conversation in the comments and please share this article if you’ve enjoyed the read.

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