Insensitive bride and her mother say groom’s disabled sister, 9, can’t be flower girl because she’s “wrong” for it

A disabled 9-year-old girl was deemed “wrong” to be the flower girl at her brother’s wedding by his bride’s heartless mother. 

A 23-year-old groom had to stand up to his fiancée and her mother to defend his little sister’s dignity. 

Wedding planning can be an extremely stressful experience, but it is not a reason to be insensitive to the ones around you. After all, the marriage itself represents the merging of two families, so holding grudges and acting rude even before the journey begins should be unacceptable.

Unfortunately, this young groom had to go through a difficult battle with his about-to-be mother-in-law. Not only was the whole wedding planning process turned into a “nightmare” by the bride’s mother, but she also deeply offended her soon-to-be son-in-law’s whole family. The outraged man shared his story in a Reddit post:

“Wedding planning has been literally a nightmare. Her mom keeps stomping boundaries and changes any plans we come up with to have a “decent” wedding and not let me “ruin” it and embarrass her.”

The groom added that his fiancée’s mom has no respect for him, even though he is about to become her daughter’s husband in less than a month. But this was not the worst thing she did while hijacking the wedding planning.

The insensitive mother refused to accept the groom’s little sister to avoid “embarrassment”

In the post, the 23-year-old mentions that his sister “has mild cerebral palsy but she’s functioning and does good at school.” Before the unsympathetic mother invaded the ceremony arrangement, the groom and his bride already agreed on having the 9-year-old as their flower girl. The groom’s sister was filled with joy when they told her she would be an important part of the celebration of her brother’s wedding.

“My sister’s is on cloud nine ever since she was told she will be the flower girl. She got her dress and so far she’s tried it on more than 5 times asking me when I’m going to have the wedding which is sweet.”

However, the ruthless mother had other plans. As the man shares in his publication, his fiancée had told him that her mom recommended some changes in terms of “menu/invitation.” Apparently, his future mother-in-law was convinced that he had no idea what a “good decent wedding” looks like.

While the groom did agree on the “small issues,” things took a drastic turn when the bride suggested that they had picked the “wrong” flower girl. 

“She actually said she wasn’t sure how my sister will behave at the wedding and that we shouldn’t take chance and just pick her niece instead.”

Clearly influenced by her mother’s toxic behavior, the bride tried to convince her future husband that his sister would be inappropriate for the position of a flower girl due to her disability. She tried to explain that the little girl would still be invited as a guest at the wedding, but that only made things worse. It was at this point when the man finally stood up for his and his family’s dignity.

“I told her no not gonna happen. Like I gave my parents and my sister my word. no way I’m going to make her upset and sad and let the niece take her place. 

I’m standing my ground and wanting my sister to be the flower girl despite what others say because this offends me and my family.”

The helpless man reached out to the Internet for advice. 

Asking the public whether he was wrong to argue with his future wife about their wedding and her attitude towards his sister, the groom received thousands of supportive comments. One of them read:

“You need to sit your fiancee down, alone, and have a long conversation about her behavior, and that in no way at all is it acceptable for her mother to be acting like this, for your fiancee to let her walk all over you both, and most importantly that your fiancee is not ever going to speak about your sister like that again.”

The Reddit user went on explaining that “as a big brother though, and as a person,” the man needs to confront his fiancée and give her a “reality check.”

Do you think the groom was wrong to put his foot down and defy his bride and her mother? Let us know in the comment section!

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