Infant found alive in dead mother’s lifeless arms; she cradled him during a plane crash that killed both parents

All passengers died when the plane came crashing down, except for one baby who lives thanks to his mother’s sacrifice. 

The aircraft they were on was only moments away from crashing, but a hero mother did not let go of her child even in her final moments of life as the small plane plunged towards the ground. Everyone on board died in the crash, except for the baby boy, who was found alive and well in the lifeless arms of his mother.

The horrific catastrophe happened on October 13, this year, when Mayerly Diaz Rojas and her husband, Fabio Gandas were on board the HK 2335-G plane.

They had their son, Martin, and his nanny, Nuris Maza, with them, according to Mirror. When the rescue team inspected the wreckage of the plane, they found only one survivor who was being protected by the body of his mother.

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According to reports, the mother used her own body as a shield against the crash and was able to protect her child from harm, while every other passenger died.

Fabio was piloting the plane and he was a well-known doctor in Bogota. Mayerly was an attorney who specialized in telecommunications law, the ABC Aeronautico report says. Apart from little Martin, the parents also reportedly had two other children who were not among the plane’s passengers that day.

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After thorough investigations, authorities found the engine documents to be in order and they are yet to find the cause of the crash.

“According to initial information, the aeroplane had all of its technical documentation up to date,” authorities said, as reported by The Sun.

Image source: Facebook

Fabio had been part of the Civil Air Patrol for a number of years and was doing humanitarian work to help Columbians in need and provided medical care to those living in remote areas of the country.

But on the day of the crash that killed him and everyone on board except his son, Fabio was not on a patrol mission, according to ABC Aeronautico.

After the baby was found to have somehow survived, he was brought to the Fundacion Santa Fe de Bogota University Hospital so that medical experts could make sure he was alright.

A statement released by the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority said, “a baby, who was also traveling in the airplane, is being attended at this time in an assistance center.” Authorities also expressed their “solidarity with the families of the victims” the statement read.

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