Indiana grandma gets 12 years in prison for burning and disfiguring granddaughter

A 50-year-old woman has been imprisoned for burning and disfiguring her own grandaughter.

The girl, whose age has not been released by authorities, was brought to the hospital with severe burns to her face, scalp, and genitals, and doctors also found multiple bruises.

A nurse believes what happened to the girl was not an accident and she would likely remain permanently scarred and disfigured for life.

Gretta Feil’s two grandkids had come for a visit at her house in Boone County, Indiana, as per WRTV.

According to The Department of Child Services, its investigation shows that Feil put her grandchild in a hot shower after she wet herself. 

Feil told authorities the injuries were caused by her grandchild’s creams and lotions. She also says other people dragged her over the carpet.

The grandmother was given 12 years in the Indiana Department of Correction, followed by 4 years on probation for 2 counts of aggravated battery.

Special Victim’s Prosecutor Heidi Jennings said:

“This child suffered horrific abuse. Her physical scars are healing, and we hope that this sentence today helps the healing process for her emotional scars. The evidence suggests that Gretta Feil’s abuse of this child was beginning to escalate.” 

“The Riley Child Protection Team who examined the child stated that often this pattern of abuse, if not stopped early like in this case, can eventually result in the child’s death,” she added, according to Fox59 News.

“Every person in this community can help us protect our children,” she said. “We are thankful to every person who intervened and saved this child’s life, especially the neighbors who did not ignore the child’s cries of distress. They did what we need all persons to do – SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING.”

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