‘I’m sorry, I have a sick child.’ A man leaves a touching note after robbing a pharmacy

On January 3, a desperate father purportedly robbed a pharmacy in Philadelphia. He left a note saying he needed the money for his sick child.

The Philadelphia police released a video showing the man entering a Rite Aid store, wearing jeans, a grey hoodie, dark gloves, and a backpack. After going into the pharmacy, he walks around and takes an item to the register. Then, he approaches the cashier, who can be seen scanning the item and placing it in a plastic bag.

Afterward, according to the police statement in the video, the suspect hands a note to the clerk that says in part:

“Give me all the money. I’m sorry, I have a sick child. You have 15 seconds.”

When the man hands the note to the pharmacy cashier, he can be seen reaching into his pocket and leaning over the counter.

The employee opens the register and puts the money into the plastic bag. However, the amount of cash the suspect got away with is still unclear.

After this interaction, the unknown man puts the bag with money in his pocket and leaves the store. There is no sign of a weapon in the video.

Tanya Little, a Philadelphia police officer, also told CNN that the man did not show a weapon during the robbery. The police still haven’t identified the robber.

Another police officer, Capt. Sekou Kinebrew, says that they clearly understand that people have needs, but committing a crime, such as robbery, is never the right way. The Philadelphia Police claims that if the man turns himself in, there might be help available for his sick child.

“There may be some specialized services where this individual, and his family, that could be in need of too, that unfortunately, the only way at this point he may be able to get them is if he comes and he sees us.”

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