If You Walked Away From A Toxic, Abusive, Dead-End Relationship, Congratulations: You Won

We’ve written extensively about how difficult it is to get away from people who are toxic, dead-end, abusive, narcissistic – the list goes on. It is not easy to free ourselves from these types of people.

Often they are burrowed into our lives like ticks.

If you’ve taken any of our advice over the years and gotten away from these people, congratulations: you’ve won.

Sure, life isn’t a zero-sum game. If you’re still stuck with someone like this, it doesn’t mean you’re losing.

But once you escape, this is what makes you the winner:

Dead end and abusive relationships.

There is a great deal of danger that goes along with being in an abusive relationship, and dead end relationships are wastes of time, but I think what disturbs me the most about people who stay in terrible relationships is this: you (probably) have only one life to live, so don’t live it with a partner who is not right for you.

Every single day that we get to be alive is a gift to us from a source we probably don’t fully understand. It’s so important that we don’t squander the days we’re granted. Getting out of a bad relationship makes you the winner because you can then refocus on yourself and what you need to do to live a better life. If you’ve gotten rid of an abusive or dead-end relationship, you are most definitely the winner.

Negative, one-sided friends.

Have you ever had the kind of friend that you always have to call or text but never calls or texts you? How about the type of friend who always finds something negative to say? These are two of the most toxic types of friends. I feel similarly about these friends that I do bad relationships: you have only one life to live and only so much time to give.

There are a lot of people in this world waiting to be your friend. Neither of you know it yet! Be selective with who you keep around as a friend. If they’re the kind of person who won’t text you unless you text them, maybe try not texting them and see if someone else wanders into your life!

Toxic family members.

Someone once told me that you can’t break up with your family, and I’m here to tell you (and them) that that is not even remotely true. Sometimes, people we love, our family members, people we grew up with, are too simply too toxic to keep in our lives. And there’s no reason to keep them around.

If someone in your family seems to only make you miserable, you have the right to push them to the sidelines if not avoid them completely. You are in charge of who’s in your life. It doesn’t matter if they’re your family or not.

You’re the winner.

If you’ve managed to push these people out of your life, you’re the winner. You haven’t just won a battle, but you’ve won a prize. That prize is a more fulfilled life spent with better people. How could you lose?

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