If You Are An Outgoing Introvert You Might Relate To These 9 Things

Introvert derives from Latin intro-, “inward,” and vertere, “turning.” It describes someone who prefers spedning time in calm, peaceful enviornment . Introverts usually avoid large groups of people, because they feel happier when they are in their own company.

However, there is a group of introverts called outgoing introverts. They tend to be more social and open people.

Here are 9 things that are typical for this group of individuals and could help you find out if you are one of them.

1. They like meeting intersting people

Outgoing introverts like meeting interesting people with who they can have meaningful conversations. Otherwise, they might feel uncomfortable and not because they have difficulties in socializing but because they have to engage in small talks. And the truth is that discussing things like the weather or one’s employment annoys them to death and drains their energy.

2. They love the company of their close friends

Outgoing introverts are more open people and have many acquaintances. But their friends are actually a small group of people. Outgoing introverts love spending time with their true friends because they have known them for a long time, they trust them and can talk to them about everything.

3. They are good listeners

Outgoing introverts don’t want to annoy others with their issues. So, they’d rather listen to their friends’ problems and are always ready to give advice. Another thing that prevents an introvert from sharing what they are going through is that sometimes talking seems like too much of an effort for them.

4. Can’t stand gossiping

As mentioned above outgoing introverts prefer serious conversations about important things and feel annoyed when they have to engage in small talk. Gossiping does not interest them either. Actually, listening to people who talk bad things about someone else could make an outgoing introvert feel bad or get angry, especially when the conversation is about someone they know and respect.

5. Spending time alone doesn’t mean they feel lonely

Outgoing introverts like being alone as previously mentioned. But the fact they like spending time on their own doesn’t mean they feel lonely. Just the other way round. Like most introverts, when they are on their own, they perform their favorite solitary activities such as reading, writing or fishing for example.

6 Others feel comfortable around them

All introverts are extremely sensitive and the outgoing are not an exception. On top of that, they are very empathetic. That’s why they usually make others feel really comfortable around them. Outgoing introverts are good listeners and people confide in them easily because they think it’s OK to share their feelings and secrets with such a person.

7. Their mood depends on what’s going on around them

Outgoing introverts are very sensitive and are easily influenced by what is going on around them. For example, they feel extremely uncomfortable in overcrowded, noisy places like concert halls and stadiums. That’s why despite the fact they are more social these people are still a bit picky when it comes to the events they attend and the people they meet with.

8. Their desire for socializing decreases with time

According to selective social interaction theory as we grow older, we tend to have fewer friends and create fewer relationships. That is especially true for outgoing introverts. They want to get rid of every shallow friendship in their life and try to keep in touch only with their closest friends.

9. They are often confused for extroverts.

Outgoing introverts are often mistaken for extroverts because of their social character. However, sooner or later others see their true personality. That could become annoying at some point because outgoing introverts have to constantly explain to others why they do things in a particular way.

Do you know anyone who is an outgoing introvert? Please, tell us in the comments.

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