I Pray You Heal

While we are exploring the world and learning more about the universe, our spiritual consciousness undergoes an eye-opening metamorphosis.

We discover the connection between all living beings.

And because many of us have not found their purpose in life yet, the way towards success becomes even more difficult to find.

In order to calm their emotions, the ancients have turned to prayer, energy manipulation, and emotional balancing.

The magic behind spirituality is that when we are disconnected from the divine, which is the main source of our energy, we weaken ourselves and become easier targets for many illnesses.

Spiritual healing helps us reunite with our spiritual nature, and spiritual healers have special characteristics that make them experts at what they do.

As human beings, we have the ability to heal ourselves and others around us.

Energy, intention, belief, and the opportunity to practice are available to all of us.

If you are beginning to notice a heightening of awareness in you, but you are unsure of what it means, take a look at the following list of traits usually found in alternative and holistic healers:

1. You love spending time in nature.

2. Sometimes the world’s suffering keeps you up at night.

3. You’re a great masseur.

4. You can quickly recognize ill-intentioned people.

5. Sometimes your feet and hands pulsate and buzz. 

6. You are drawn to certain types of stones. 

7. People are interested in your opinions and beliefs. 

8. You are a magnet for animals. 

9. People open up to you easily.

10. Children feel comfortable around you.

11. You are mostly an introvert.

12. There have been other healers or doctors in your family tree. 

13. You consider yourself an environmentalist.

14. You are always ready to help those in need. 

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