‘I have no friends’ – Here’s what you need to know if you can relate

Nowadays, many of us have adopted some kind of modern loneliness.

We feel alone even when we’re surrounded by tons of people. It’s difficult to explain how you can be in a room full of people and feel so painfully lonely. But it’s just the way we feel. The worst thing is, we don’t always know how to deal with this saddening feeling. 

Sometimes the only way to figure out what makes you feel that way is to be brutally honest with yourself. 

Do you really have no friends? 

The journey of realizing you have no friends can never be an easy one. If you’re often finding yourself looking in the mirror thinking to yourself there’s no one who cares, then you perfectly understand the struggle. But are you sure that’s the raw truth, or it just seems that way for some reason? 

If you give yourself time to think about it, you may realize your situation might not be as desperate as it currently feels. 

The truth is, we sometimes lose valuable friends to a single fight. We distance ourselves from people we care for over disagreements that wouldn’t even matter after a while. In such moments, we fail to see that quarrels and grudges are not worth losing people over. 

And when we feel deeply offended by something a friend said, we refuse to answer their calls and read their texts. Meanwhile, all we want is to bring things back to normal. However, by ignoring someone’s attempts to clarify the situation and apologize, we only alienate ourselves without even noticing. By making no effort to nourish the bond we have with a certain person, we eventually lose them. And sometimes, losing a dear friend can hurt more than a heartbreak.

Frankly, you may have more friends than you think. There might be people who still care about you even after you simply decided to cut them off of your life. But you will never know until you make the first step towards reviving your friendship. 

Is having no friends actually a problem? 

Unfortunately, for some people, the realization they have no one to vent to doesn’t come after a single fight. It comes after months, even years of loneliness and despair. One day they just wake up, and the thought they don’t have a single person in their life they can fully trust hits them. And it hurts. 

But even though it’s not an easy thing to acknowledge, the ‘I have no friends’ thought isn’t necessarily a problem. And we shouldn’t let society make us feel bad for ourselves because of that. 

In fact, having little to no friends can be a personal preference. Not everyone needs to have a group of friends to feel happy and wholesome. Some people actually enjoy their solitude. They find joy in the peace it brings them. It provides a kind of freedom that some individuals learn to embrace. 

Are you one of the people who find their isolation liberating, or are you someone who needs friends in their life? 

After you’ve realized you have no friends, are you willing to do something to change that?

If you’re fine with being on your own and having no friends doesn’t bother you, that’s perfectly okay. But if that’s not the case, then you will definitely need to make significant changes in your life. So, what steps are you ready to take for the sake of building strong friendships? 

The good thing is, figuring out there’s no one left you can call a true friend can push you towards embracing your personal growth. It can give you the time you need to reflect and reevaluate all the choices you’ve made that pushed all of your friends away. 

Eventually, after figuring out the real reason why you have no friends, you can find what was missing, and it could help you become a better friend yourself. Like it or not, the saying that you don’t know how much you value something until you lose it is true. Therefore, losing a friend teaches you how to value the kindness, love, and support that friendship offers. And as you learn how to appreciate these traits, you adopt them as your own, and you evolve into a better person. 

Accepting that you don’t have friends can be painful. But the truth is, nothing worth fighting for comes easy. And no matter what messed up situation you believe you are in, life will always find a way to surprise you. So welcome its surprises with an open heart and always be kind to others. 

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