Loving husband spends 2 years planting thousands of flowers to make his blind wife smile again

From ancient times one of the greatest ways for a man to express his love for a woman is by giving her beautiful flowers.

This man took the gesture way further and gifted his blind wife with a whole garden of pink lovely-smelling flowers.

Image credits: Youtube

What started as a loving gesture from a husband to see the smile on his blind wife’s face again, turned into a major tourist attraction. This floral spectacle of love is gathering people from all over the world.

Image credits: Youtube

The story of these two love birds began more than 60 years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki got married in 1956. Mrs. Kuroki joined her husband on his dairy farm in Shintomi, Japan, as per Metro. After 30 years of marriage, the sweet couple started planning their retirement. They wanted to travel around Japan. Unfortunately, their plans were soon gone.

When Mrs. Kuroki was 52-years-old, she lost her eyesight. This loss was extremely painful for her. She began avoiding going outside and suffered a severe depression.

Seeing his beloved wife like that was killing Mr. Kuroki.

He wanted to do something to cheer up the love of his life and see her smile again.

Image credits: Yoshiyuki Matsumoto

The caring husband had a wonderful idea. He noticed some people stopping to admire his small garden of pink shibazakura(moss phlox) flowers. These flowers were clearly something that attracts people, not only for their gorgeous looks but also for their dazzling scent. Although he couldn’t take his wife to see the world, he had to make the world come to her.

When Mr. Kuroki realized the power of the shibazakura flowers, he began planting more of them outside their house.

Over the next two years, he planted thousands of these pink stunning flowers.

Image credits: Yoshiyuki Matsumoto

The plan worked! The glorious scented pink carpet began drawing hundreds of visitors. Kuroki’s dairy farm was turned into a tourist attraction. Even though the flowers are so lovely, the main reason people visit the farm is Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki’s beautiful love story.

Image credits: Yoshiyuki Matsumoto

Sweet Mrs. Kuroki started to come out of the house and enjoy her life again.

The garden brought her happiness and she was smiling wider than ever.

Image credits: Yoshiyuki Matsumoto

In Spring, when the flowers bloom, the garden attracts up to 7,000 people a day. This is fascinating, but what’s more important is that Mrs. Kuroki loves the visitors and can be seen walking around the garden and smiling. Her husband did the impossible to see his wife happy again.

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