Husband, 78, murdered his wife, 77, for cheating on him with his brother 40 years earlier

A 78-year-old Italian man has been found guilty of killing his own wife by drowning her. 

Giovanni Perria, 78, from Narbolia, Sardinia, was convicted of murdering his 77-year-old wife, Brigitte Pazdernik, by drowning her in the sea. The elderly man has been put behind bars for 24 years, Daily Mail reports.

Reportedly, the cause of the horrific crime was Brigitte’s confession of cheating on Giovanni with his brother 40 years earlier.

Credits: Daily Mail

Perria’s wife disappeared from their home on October 10, 2018. Three days later, fishermen discovered her lifeless body floating about fifty meters from the shore at Su Pallosu.

In January 2019, the 78-year-old was charged with his wife’s murder after Brigitte’s autopsy revealed that she had drowned. The suspicion fell on Giovanni after authorities discovered the couple had had a fight on the evening Pazdernik went missing.

Furthermore, according to local media, the investigation revealed that Giovanni killed his wife after he learned that she had cheated on him with his brother 40 years earlier while they were living in Germany. What is more, there is a great possibility that Perria’s brother has fathered one of the couple’s children.

With a mind filled with jealousy and fury, Giovanni threw his unconscious wife into the sea, where she later drowned.

Although the widowed man avoided a life sentence, he did receive 24 years of jail time, which means he will live behind bars until he turns 102.

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