How to spot him: the 7 main traits of a misogynist

“The history of men’s opposition to women’s emancipation is more interesting perhaps than the story of that emancipation itself.” 
― Virginia WoolfA Room of One’s Own

Sometimes spotting a misogynist could become a tricky job due to their deceiving nature. It is safe to say that this kind of men feel (subconsciously, at least) gratification from putting women down and having them subdue to their will.

The aforementioned statement in combination with the following qualities will provide a basic understanding of how a misogynist thinks and acts toward women in different settings.

1. He hides his true nature

Maybe one of the most underrated qualities of a misogynistic person is that he hides his true intentions at first. Typically, he would have a woman as a target and chase after her charmingly until she is lured in by his charisma and flirtatiousness. Afterward, of course, his true manipulative demeanor will come to the surface.

2. Competitiveness

This kind of men takes enjoyment in being superior to women in any way, shape or form. Thus, being competitive in a professional and/or social setting is a given for them. However, it is important to note that in regards to other men they do not behave in the same manner. As a matter of fact, they most certainly treat women differently in every aspect. This one is no exception.

3. He’s a cheater

“You didn’t just cheat on me; you cheated on us. You didn’t just break my heart; you broke our future.” – Steve Maraboli

Monogamy is not meant for a person of this character. There is not a chance in the world. Sadly, women tend to be treated as ‘disposable’ property. Namely because of this, misogynistic men are cheaters. They could potentially have many different relationships at the same type without being truthful their intentions or actions. Loyalty is not a virtuous characteristic you could find here.

4. He never keeps his promises

Making false promises is a regular occurrence without a doubt. As the relationship is not as valued as it most probably should, making promises is just a tactic to keep the woman around longer. Telling you how you will plan a trip, for example, without actually making an effort is one of those things. He doesn’t actually want to spend time with you, merely delude you into believing he does while still chasing his own agenda.

5. The controlling type

He didn’t care if you were safe, he just cared if you were his.
― Catherine LaceyNobody Is Ever Missing

In relation to women misogynists usually display cocky, self-centered and controlling behavior. They do so in order to sustain their ‘superior‘ status and the general feeling of being in charge of any situation and in control of the woman herself.  It is worth mentioning that this toxic pattern only worsens over time, leaving even deeper scars on the female.

6. Sexually selfish

Typically, in bed, misogynistic men have the tendency to be selfish and not think of the woman’s pleasure. Moreover, the like to avoid eye-contact, in a way objectifying the person they are with. That is also a mechanism in which they show their control, both mentally and physically.

7. Inconsistency

Hard to trust honesty of inconsistent person.” Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

Last but not least, they would most likely disappear from a relationship, only to reappear after some time has passed. This is in order to lure the woman back in with whatever explanation necessary and regain his control once again. After all, misogynists get tired of one woman all of the time and they tend to want to switch partners in order to keep themselves entertained.

In conclusion, misogynistic men tend to display no respect in regards to women, constantly trying to sustain their ‘superior’ character over them.

At first, they seem very amicable and charismatic, although this is a mere play just to spark the interest of the woman and use that to manipulate and control her later on.

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