How to keep your glasses from fogging up while wearing a mask explained

Do your glasses get all foggy while wearing a mask?

If you wear glasses, then every time you enter a warmer room or you use public transportation where the air conditioner is out, they fog up, and for a few seconds, you see nothing but blurry silhouettes. Now, with protective face masks being mandatory due to the coronavirus pandemic, this awful experience happens all the time. But don’t worry!

This doctor has found a way you could keep your glasses from fogging up while wearing a mask.

Image credits: STV News/YouTube

Gordon Kyle, an optician from Miller and McClure Opticians in Paisley, UK, has recently shared a helpful video with tips on how to keep your glasses from steaming up while wearing a mask.

The first tip Mr. Kyle suggests is quite simple – just wear your glasses on top of your mask. This will keep the mask tight in place by creating some sort of seal. Therefore, there will be less air fogging up your lenses.

Another useful trick the optician shares it to add some tissue paper to the top of your mask before putting it on. This completely blocks the excess air that comes out of your mouth and steams up your glasses.

Image credits: STV News/YouTube

The third, final tip that Mr. Kyle talks about is tying two knots on the strings holding the face mask. This alters the mask in the form of a small package and ensures it’s both comfy and secure.

Additionally, the expert warns that trying out different methods with unclear efficiency could lead to damaging the glasses. Talking to the Daily Record, Mr. Kyle said:

“There has been chat online about using shaving foam, toothpaste, and even methylated spirits but my concern is that it could cause long term damage to the lenses. The other thing folk have mentioned for the lenses is washing up liquid. I’m just not convinced that it’s risk-free.”

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