How to Increase Your Intuitive Intelligence

The voice of our intuition is often quiet, it speaks from the soul, from the heart, from the deepest parts of our higher self, and beckons for us to realize it.

Your intuition is like a muscle, and the more you strengthen, train and trust it, the more you will begin to understand what it sounds like, what it feels like and how it communicates to you.

There are many thoughts going on in our mind all day, every day but often the strongest and most vocal thought pattern stems from the voice of our ego.

Our ego voice is our survival voice, it is the voice that helps us to navigate the physical world. It heavily relies on our surface level senses- what we see, hear, smell, taste and touch.

Our intuitive voice however, operates on a subtle level. Its voice is not strong, but quiet, and often we “feel” the messages rather than hear them. The more self-aware and in-tune we become the easier it is to tap in to and receive these messages.

Aligning with our intuitive voice can help us to have a better understanding of situations, others and ourselves. In times of need, the intuitive voice is always there to help guide you and direct you to your higher purpose and calling.

When our intuitive voice speaks we feel soothed, loved and certain, almost like it unlocks a deep inner-knowing where everything just feels “right”.

Here are a few ways to enhance your Intuitive Intelligence:

1.) Meditation:

Practicing stillness is the best and most effective way to tune into your intuitive self. It is when we quiet the mind (the voice of the ego), that we can begin to allow space for the intuitive voice to enter our awareness.

2.) Creative Work:

Just like meditation, when we are doing something creative, especially if we are passionate about it, we allow space for the intuitive voice to step forward. When we are happy and in the moment, our soul body is nourished and therefore stronger and more receptive to delivering and receiving messages.

3.) Journalling:

Keeping a journal is another great way to tap in and tune in to yourself. When you delve deep into your heart and soul you begin uncovering messages, seeing patterns and realizing different things about yourself. Through this process you can become more aware of your ego voice and your intuitive voice. Writing down your dreams can also be a great tool to uncover your subconscious mind and intuitive messages.

Practice is the best way to tap into your intuition. The more you trust, the more you believe and the more  you call upon your intuitive voice to present itself to you, the stronger it will become.

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