How to Grow Your Weed with Easy Steps?

Marijuana legalization is spreading all over the world. In many countries, people are finally allowed to grow and sell weed.

Are you planning to grow marijuana? It may seem a little daunting task, but when given precise instructions and information, growing weed is not that difficult. Here are a few steps which you’ll need to follow for growing cannabis.

Step 1: Consider the Climate

Climate condition has a lot to do with marijuana growth. It is significant to have a good understanding of the climate where you live before growing marijuana. Temperature above 86°F will stop the growth of your plant. Whereas, the sustained temperature below 55°F can damage the plant and can cause even death. Heavy winds and rain can physically damage the plants and reduce yields. Moreover, excessive moisture can lead to powdery mildew.

Step 2: Choose the Location

Determine where you will grow your cannabis, whether indoors or outdoors. If climate conditions are not decent in your area, then you can choose to grow indoors. If it stays normal most of the time, you can grow your weed outdoors.

1. Indoor Growing

Growing marijuana indoors gives you more control over your produce sand is more private than growing outdoors. Indoor cannabis can be inexpensive to produce and maintain, especially when you are planning to grow a few plants. However, as an indoor grower, your plants are entirely reliant on you and your care. If anything goes wrong, your plants can die.

2. Outdoor Growing

It is cheaper to get started as you don’t have to buy growing lights or create an indoor growing environment. Though you will have to protect your plants from unexpected outdoor visitors. If you live in a sunny area, the sun will do a lot of the work for you by providing free growing light. However, if climate frequently changes where you live, you may have to take extra steps to protect your plants.

Step 3: Select Your Growing Medium

Whatever growing medium you choose, each will have different care and watering requirements. These are the most common growing medium from which you can choose.

  • Soil
  • Soilless Mix
  • Directly in Water/ Hydroponics
  • Less common types of hydro

Step 4: Choose Right Nutrients

You should get cannabis nutrients for your soil to make sure your plant produces the best weed unless you are growing with composted super soil. Even if you use an amended soil like FFOF, you will still need nutrients to add in your soil once you reach the flowering or budding stage. If you are growing your weed in a soilless mixture, you’ll need nutrients made for hydroponics. Do your research and gather additional weed plant info to grow a healthy marijuana plant.

Step 5: Get Cannabis Plants

There are many cannabis collectives, and dispensaries sell you clones, but when it comes to selling seeds. They are less liberal. One of the significant advantages of buying clones or seeds from a reliable source is that you can trust their genetics.

Step 6: Vegetative Stage

How will you know your plant is in the vegetative stage? Well, once your plant grows the first set of leaves, it’s officially in this stage. In this stage, your plant needs 18-24 hours light if growing indoors, and at least 7 hours direct sunlight when growing outdoors.  Cannabis plants grow big in long days (vegetative stage) and make buds during long nights (flowering stage).

Step 7: Flowering Stage

Your plant will start making buds in this stage. The flowering stage will last until harvest. Throughout this stage, you’ll need to identify the gender of the plant and must get rid of any males.

Step 8: Harvest Your Weed

Do not harvest your cannabis until your buds stop growing new, 40% of the white hairs have darkened, and are curling inwards. For highest TCL level, harvest your weed when it has 50-70% dark hairs. Moreover, for the anti-anxiety effect, harvest 80-90% of the hairs have darkened.

Step 9: Dry and Cure Your Buds

After you have trimmed off all your fat buds, you should hand them upside down in the cold and dark place. If you want to get best results dry your buds slowly.

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