How to be Unfuckwithable: 5 ways to level up your Resilience

The world we live in is starting to look a lot like a massive madhouse.

People are going crazy over things that couldn’t matter less. They treat each other horribly without considering the other one’s feelings and emotions. The ones with the weakest minds often fall into the traps of those who have zero empathy and go through life by using others.

Surviving in these severe conditions is the biggest challenge of them all. To be able to put up with all that madness without going insane yourself, you need to have a strong sense of resilience.

In other words, you need to be unfuckwithable.

When others try to mess with you, being less fragile and more self-assured is the way to let them know you’re not someone they can easily fool.

Here are 5 ways you can become a little more unfuckwithable. 

1. Get real!

The first thing you need to do to increase your levels of resilience is to get real with yourself. Stop delaying the things you need to so. Stop pretending like you don’t have responsibilities. Face what needs to be faced. It sure does take a lot of courage to do so, but this is the only way you can obtain control over your life. The harsh truth is that you cannot call yourself resilient if you have no power over your feelings, emotions, and actions. So, if you truly want to start your journey to achieving full resilience, you first need to get real with yourself.

2. Stop telling yourself negative stories.

Instead of telling yourself, “They are better than me.”, tell yourself, “I can become as good as them or even better!” The mind is a mysterious matter that can make you believe the unbelievable and do the impossible. It has the power to encourage you to go after your wildest dreams. However, when you fill it with negative thoughts, it can slowly crush you.

For instance, if you convince yourself you’re not good enough, no matter how much effort you put into improving yourself, you will always feel like something is missing. But when you start telling yourself better stories and clear your mind of negativity, you will realize that you have been stressing over things you shouldn’t have wasted so much energy on. Being unfuckwithable also means believing in yourself and focusing on your growth instead of your flaws.

3. Learn how to live drama-free.

Only small minds get excited over other people’s misery. They get involved with the drama around them as if they were in the leading role of a real-life soap opera. They waste an enormous amount of time and energy to dig into others’ secrets and intrigues. But if they stop and think for a while, they would realize how senseless their lives have become. Don’t be a piece of their crooked puzzle. Don’t engage with drama, dark secrets, and nasty mind games. If you want to be resilient, you need to stop wasting time on such insignificant things and start spending it on what’s truly valuable.

4. Don’t struggle with things you have the power to overcome.

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that make us feel powerless. We engage with people that try to convince us we are worthless. Only the most resilient of us manage to put themselves together and find a way to overpower the struggle. Whenever they face a challenge they would rather avoid, they put the fear aside and own it. They refuse to waste time struggling when they can simply face their problems and deal with the consequences with dignity. Most importantly, they make choices with the mindset of a confident, self-aware, and assertive human being.

5. Stand up for yourself.

Letting people walk over you only to avoid involving in conflicts makes you the opposite of resilient. But if you realize you have what it takes to take a stand for the things that matter to you, you will reach the level of mental flexibility that will make you utterly unfuckwithable. Demanding what you deserve doesn’t make you selfish, narcissistic, or bitchy. It makes you someone that has a clear view of what they want from life and knows how to get it. So don’t be afraid to defend your rights and refuse to put up with the world’s madness. Say ‘No’ when you need to, and be prepared to face the consequences.

Don’t let others determine your life. Learn how to achieve the level of resilience you need to go through life as an unfuckwithable person. That’s one of the few ways to survive in these crazy times.

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