How to be less judgemental of people you disagree with in 8 easy steps

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you start judging someone only because they have a different opinion than you?

In a world where everyone is dealing with their own demons and fighting their own battles, the least we could do is to learn how to be less judgmental.

Sometimes, we allow ourselves to comment on someone’s appearance or behavior just because we disagree with them.

By judging others, we unleash toxic energy that usually comes from a place of superiority. We put them down, claim their thoughts are worthless, let them believe their opinion does not matter, and by doing so, we feel as if we were better than them. However, refusing to accept someone else’s point of view only proves how limited your own mind is.

Being respected for your empathy and open-mindedness is worth more than dominating in a single conversation.

So, if you want to become more mindful, check out these 8 tips on how to be less judgmental of the people you disagree with.

1. Embrace your curiosity.

Whenever someone else’s opinion is significantly different than your own, try to find out the reason for this difference. Ask them what makes them think that way. Instead of jumping to conclusions, be curious.

2. Don’t be afraid to be confused.

In case you disagree with someone because you simply don’t understand their position, ask them to explain what they mean. Not only will you gain a better knowledge of the subject you’re discussing, but you will also show them that their opinion matters.

3. Seek the bright side.

You can’t always expect everyone to think exactly like you. Different people have different mindsets, and that’s what makes our lives so colorful. So, whenever someone’s opinion doesn’t match yours, instead of getting all judgy and mean, try to find the bright side of things.

4. Don’t take it personally.

The fact that someone else’s viewpoint doesn’t meet yours does not imply that this individual is aiming to insult you personally. Therefore, you getting offended by their words would be quite irrelevant. Of course, there are times when the other person intentionally attempts to get on your nerves, which is why setting healthy boundaries with the people you communicate with is so important.

5. Calm your controlling side.

Seriously, calm down. Your life doesn’t depend on pulling the strings of everything and everyone around you. Besides, the ones around you are not obligated to feel like walking on eggshells every time they try to speak with you. If feeling superior floats your boat, instead of unleashing your toxic, controlling energy upon others, find some other ways to achieve it. Invest in your personal growth, not in your bithcy vocabulary.

6. Don’t be quick to blame others.

Let’s make something clear. Whenever someone’s opinion differentiates from yours, this does not give you the right to blame them for disagreeing with you. Indeed, it is much easier to present the other person as guilty of not putting effort into improving your connection. However, it doesn’t prove your viewpoint is better. Know that the more you move away from blame and defensiveness, the less judgmental you will be.

7. Change your perspective.

Instead of being the judge, try to be the witness for a change. Observe the people around you. Pay attention to their thoughts, behavior, and gestures. This will help you get a higher perspective and accept others’ differences.

8. Don’t rush things.

Not every conversation should feel like a battlefield. In fact, exchanging thoughts and opinions with someone can happen quite smoothly. Even if the other person has a contrasting way of thinking, you can still have a pleasant dialogue. To achieve that, make sure you don’t take every single thing they say as an attack. If you find this difficult, just count to 10 to give yourself some time to calm down and reconsider your response.

Learning how to be less judgmental of the ones you disagree with will also teach you a valuable lesson on how to be more considerate of others’ feelings.

As soon as you accept that everyone is doing their best to go through life as sane as possible, you will realize that your mean comments are often beyond unseemly.

To achieve the level of superiority you desire, be the better person, and welcome other’s opinions with an open mind. Be the one who is not afraid to ask questions and seek the truth. Defend your position while also respecting the viewpoints of the people around you. By making an effort to improve your communications experience, you will definitely be a step closer to becoming less judgemental.

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