How To Be A More Appealing Person: 6 Things You Should Avoid Doing

Some people never tire until they mess up the life of others. They have a disdain for things going right and do everything they can to mess up the harmony around the lives of others. You need such people in your life like you need a bullet in your head.

And without taking too much time, let us dive right into the things you should avoid doing that can make you a less appealing as a person:

1. Being easily triggered 

Mature people will never tolerate acts of superiority or someone getting angry at them for trivial matters. The world does not revolve around the needs of a single person, so you should not expect the people around you to beg and apologize any time you feel a little triggered by something insignificant.

Acting in such a way will lead to nothing but alienation on the side of your friends and family.

2. Ignoring people when you feel like it

Maybe you won’t be taking a keen interest in everything a person says, but it is mean and disrespectful to pretend they don’t exist.

Try to hear people out and give them your attention – it will show that you are mature. They will appreciate you much more when you’re not being absent-minded.

3. Starting fights

Starting arguments and causing a fight between two people is something you should always avoid. People associating you with drama will definitely drive them away.

You should never act as a mediator unless you are being asked to do it. People are able to solve their issues by themselves. Getting in between may be counterproductive and even make things worse, with people blaming you for everything in the end.

4. Being too competitive

It is never enjoyable being around an overly competitive person who always wants to leave others in the dust and win everything.

Relax. So what if you’re not always the winner? It should be about having a good time with your loved ones – life is not always a competition.

Too much competitiveness will either make you the butt of the joke or people will just start avoiding you altogether.

5. Rudeness

This applies to all the people in your life. Being impolite or straight out rude with restaurant waiters or never saying hello to your neighbors is a bad idea.

Being grateful and saying sorry are not signs of weakness. It shows appreciation and kindness for the people who work hard and have troubled lives just like you once did, or still do.

6. Being too interruptive 

Surely you don’t like it when people interrupt you in the middle of a sentence. So try to put yourself in other people’s shoes and avoid starting your own story when the person across you still hasn’t finished with theirs.

It’s even worse if you start talking about something unrelated to the topic at hand. Interrupting a person who is trying to find understanding about an issue going on in their life by starting to talk about how hungry you are or about the funny thing that happened to you is a big no.

Being a better, kinder, more understanding, and the more approachable person is not just about the big things, it’s about the small ones too.

We hope that this article was helpful to you. Let us know your thoughts on the topic by joining the conversation in the comments and please share if you’ve enjoyed the read. 

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