Among many, vaping has become one of the most popular hobbies nowadays. At the same time, this is a disease of modern society. People tend to vape more and more; the habit is becoming viral. It is a subject to people of different nationalities, ages, gender, etc. The good news is that after some time of observation and experiments, people have started thinking of the possible ways to admonish people from vaping.

People have also become more aware of the situation; they try to embrace sport and a healthy lifestyle. Greater and greater number of people try to give up both smoking and vaping by the day. However, despite the attempts of some individuals, vaping is still prevalent. The problems connected to vaping are still far from being solved.

The officials try to help as well. Some states have banned the use of some liquids that contain harmful elements. Several vape flavors are under the ban. Special community development education is being held. More and more requirements for the advertising and sale of vaping devices and vape juice flavors are being put in.

It is profoundly depressing that the majority of people do not understand the gravity of the situation. The problem lies not only in the cancerogenic elements in all types of e liquids, starting from the cheapest liquids made ready somewhere out of the lab, and finishing with the best vape juice. The problem also lies in the possible harm that vaping can inflict on our planet.


1. The manufacturing process

Firstly, it is essential to mention that the process of vape liquid and device production takes a lot of resources, and it as harmful for the planet as other factories. The problem is that most vapes use plastic, which presupposes damage to the environment. The other point here is that plenty of coloring pigment is used while producing the device. It is not a secret that the process of production of anything that consists of the elements listed above includes the operation of environmental pollution.

2. Logistic and distribution

Secondly, the evident data is that transporting vast amounts of vapes and exclusive optional extras take not only money but resources as well. Dozens of barrels of oil are used for fuel production for vape transportation. But for expenses (of both money and resources) for transport, special packing is used from some materials, including paper, glass, and plastic. Most of the e-cig juice is sold either in the plastic or glass bottles. Labels and tags are also produced with the use of plastic and paper. Even more, resources go to expenses while advertising campaigns.

3. Vape liquid consumption

Thirdly, while the direct process of vaping, vapers cause harm not only for their health but also for other people, who become second-hand smokers and are parts of our biological system. Vapour also blasts flora and fauna. Also, it contributes to air pollution. The residual matter that is contained in the air after vaping can cause contamination for small children, pets, or other live beings. Vapour has some adverse effects on the inanimate objects.

4. Waste recycling and disposal

Fourthly, as any vaping device consists of battery, cartridge, atomizer, coil, and so on and needs some extra parts, for example, battery charger, there is a lot of things to recycle after the use of the vaping device. It is not worth underestimating the role of vape juice flavors here. Not used vape liquid, for example, can quickly get into the soil, water, or another part of the ecosystem. Vapes are often just thrown away, without enquiring with a particular recycling center. This makes it more challenging to control pollution.

Having described the situation, in a nutshell, it is impossible to omit to mention the fact that one of the most disturbing wake-up calls is vapes as a huge part of school waste. Waste disposal is a tickling question today, and the horrifying fact is that schoolchildren have started throwing vapes or their elements more often, which means that they have started using it more often.

The other important issue is the problem with vape recycling. Vaping devices cannot be recycled as other rubbish, because they contain batteries. If possible, all vapers are asked to dispose of the battery at an e-waste drop off location. Some people try to create such centers without support from the side of authorities. It is better to google the opportunities for disposal in your town, city, etc. before thinking of throwing the vape away.

In conclusion, vaping affects nature and a human as a part of it. Most health problems that are caused by vaping result in not only issues that doctors can solve. Any treatment involves expenses of the resources. Thus, when you get into a hospital because of vaping, and you get particular medications, etc. – this all is the outcome of vaping.

Vape liquid and device consumption implies not only the process itself, but also the conditions under which they were produced, the method of the device and liquid delivery, and the consequences of its use. Being aware of the footprint that we leave on the planet is one of the essential information that we can now have. We are the ones who still can change the situation and avert the tragedy that is coming to our planet from within – the environmental pollution.

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