Hospital Fires Nurse For Cruelly Mocking A Newborn Baby With A Birth Defect

A nurse from Florida has been dismissed after she mocked a newborn child suffering from a birth defect. 

NICU nurse Sierra Samuels was fired from Jackson Memorial Hospital a week ago following an investigation into her social media posts.

The nurse, who had been employed by the hospital since 2016, was placed on administrative leave while the investigation into her behavior was being carried out.

According to the New York Post, a social media post by Samuels read:

“My night was going great then boom!”

Image: CBS Miami/Facebook

The post was accompanied by the photo of a baby which had been taken in the intensive care unit as it was suffering from gastroschisis.

Another image was then shared with the caption:

“Your intestines posed to be inside not outside baby!”

WOFR reached out to the hospital and was told that patient privacy was a “top priority” and that all workers go through privacy policy training regularly.

Image: Instagram

Gastroschisis is a birth defect of the abdominal wall, where the intestines are outside the child’s body.

It takes shape in the early stages of pregnancy if the abdominal muscles do not form properly, leaving a hole next to the belly button through which the baby’s intestines, as well as other organs, are exposed. Thankfully, the issue can be fixed by post-birth surgery.

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