Horror: Man Discovers Giant TWO-FOOT CENTIPEDE In His House

A person on Reddit has caused people to gasp in shock after sharing a photo of an enormous centipede. 

@u/Saucy_Lemur, encountered the horrifying creature while living in Japan, in their own apartment. Makes you think of moving out on the spot, right?

Along with the photo, the Redditor wrote “They are FAST!.’” And this disturbing fact was supported up by someone else in the comments, who said that such centipedes “average a speed of 1.3 feet (0.4 m) per second.”

Image: @u/Saucy_Lemur/Reddit

One commenter said:

“That’s gotta be a no from me, dog”

Another person joked:

“So, did the landlord understand why you burnt down the whole building?”

Even though centipedes are normally of small size, in some counties they can be frighteningly huge. 

According to an article about insects in Tokyo Cheapo, the “House centipede” (Scutigera coleoptrata) – also known as Gejigeji in Japan – may look monstrous but are thankfully non-threatening and non-aggressive.

House centipede (Scutigera coleoptrata). Image: Tokyo Cheapo

Also, If left unbothered, this creature will help keep all sorts of other creepies away, including spiders and cockroaches. Usually, they will simply just ignore human beings, although they themselves are obviously quite hard to ignore.

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