Horrified Detroit woman wakes up on Vegas flight to find ‘well-known pastor peeing on her’

  • Alicia Beverly had been traveling by plane from Las Vegas to Detroit, Michigan following a trip with her friends to Sin City
  • She was asleep next to her sister when she felt a warm liquid fall on her
  • She then screamed in shock and found a puddle of urine in her seat
  • An off-duty officer happened to be traveling with them and caught the North Carolina pastor
  • Reportedly, the pastor had a bad reaction to a sleeping aid
  • FBI will determine whether he will face charges

People were freaked out after hearing what the Delta Airlines passenger woke up to. 

Alicia Beverley was going back from a girls’ weekend in Las Vegas with her sister to Detroit on the weekend. They both took sleeping seats onboard the Red-Eye flight.

And at one point Beverly woke up feeling all warm and wet.

“It started to get warm. Like on the side of me, I felt something warm.”

When Beverly woke up she was in for quite a nasty surprise. 

“I jump up and I seen his private area out, and I screamed, and that woke everybody up.”

“By that time, I actually looked at him and I see him shake himself off, and I’m like, ‘This man just peed on me!’”

“In the midst of all that, I looked and there was a puddle of pee in the seats.”

When she realized what had happened, Beverly screamed and woke up the other passengers including an off-duty cop. 

The officer detained the man who turned out to be a well-known pastor in North Carolina liked by many.

The pastor was restrained for the rest of the flight.

Beverly had to wear her urine-soaked clothes all the way to Detroit which was then still hours away.

She thanked the officer for being there and supporting her.

“I’m really very thankful that he was on there and that something was able to be done right away.”

“And it wasn’t just my word against his. There was somebody on there who could actually see.”

Now, Beverly feels anxious as a consequence of this experience. 

“I left work yesterday, because I couldn’t stay. But I still had to tell them why I needed to leave, and it was a lot. My anxiety was really high.”

“Like literally, since then I think I have only gotten maybe four hours of sleep.”

The pastor was identified by authorities, but his name was not made public.

The pastor is still being investigated and has not faced any charges so far.

For Beverly’s interview with CBS please see the video below.

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