Hong Kong Protester Shot By a Police Officer at Point-Blank Range

In Hong Kong, a police officer shot an anti-government activist.

This is the first time an officer pulls the trigger at protesters since demonstrations began almost four months ago.

The incident happened on Oct. 1, China’s National Day. In the Tsuen Wan neighborhood, Hong Kong, a group of protesters were chasing and attacking one of the police officers with various objects, such as umbrellas, hammers and some kind of metal rods. As a result, the officer fell on the ground and some demonstrators continued to batter him.

Afterward, one of the other police officers ran up to the chaos with his gun already drawn. Shockingly, he fired a live round at the protester just as he was about to hit him with a metal bar. However, he didn’t give a clear warning that he’s going to use his weapon. As a consequence, the activist tripped over the officer who was already on the ground and fell down.

Another protester went to help the victim but he was quickly confronted by an officer.

People were rioting. The scene was uncontrollable and chaotic. What is more, someone threw a Molotov cocktail at the officers and ran away. Some of the police officers had their guns out, ready to take action if needed. Although none of the officers provided first aid, the protester who was shot appeared to be still in conscious.

The 18-year-old protester was shot near his left shoulder. Clearly, he was agonizing, and while bleeding on the ground, he was crying “My chest is in pain. I want to go to the hospital!”

After he was taken to the hospital and the doctors took care of him, he was arrested. They charged him with assaulting a police officer, and he’s probably going to face further charges for rioting.

The Hong Kong Police defended the officer and said that the protesters were warned to quit their violent actions.

Stephen Lo, Hong Kong Police Commissioner, said:

“The officer feels like his life was threatened and his colleague’s life was threatened. He chose to use a gun to stop the attacker. We think that it is reasonable and legal.”

On Wednesday morning, classmates of the young activist organized a demonstration in front of their school. This incident is a clear example of how intense is the situation in Hong Kong right now. The protests are escalating. Some say Hong Kong has turned into a terrifying war zone.

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