Homeowner builds bird box that looks like SPEED CAMERA to slow down passing drivers

A thoughtful homeowner has built a bird box that looks exactly like a speed camera to try to slow down passing drivers. 

If you are driving around Billingham, County Durham, there is a chance the speed camera you spot is actually a bird box. At least, that’s the case with the one Mike Wrathmall has built in a bid to slow down passing drivers.

Credits: Teessidelive

Mr. Wrathmall, 44, has decided to take the drastic measure amid outrage over racing motorists, as per Daily Mail. He created the fake speed camera using wood, which he painted grey and yellow, making it look just like the real ones.

Speaking to Teesside Live, the inventive Billingham resident said:

“We have people who just go over the speed limit a little bit and then we have people who just zoom up and down. Residents have been on for years trying to get something done but no-one’s done anything. I’m just concerned that there will be a crash one of these days.”

He added:

“One day someone’s going to have an accident and it will be a proper accident, the speeds that they go.”

Although police discourage the man’s wary move, it is not considered illegal. 

However, creating s fake speed camera sign is, so others have previously been in trouble for such canny actions.

Credits: Teessidelive

A spokesman for the Cleveland Police commented:

“We carry out ongoing community speed enforcement work and mobile speed cameras have been deployed in this area. We are not investigating this matter as an offense but we’d always encourage people to report speeding issues to police on 101 in the first instance so we can take enforcement action.”

What’s unique about Mr. Wrathmall’s invention is that it invites small birds in the area, such as Blue Tits. So, apart from slowing down traffic, it also contributes to the local environment.

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