Homeless kitten walks into man’s home and decides to stay and change his life for the better

A tiny homeless kitten walked into a man’s home in California. He fed her some tuna, and she decided to stay and become family. 

Adam Laigo and his friends were enjoying a night of gaming one month ago when his roommates saw a tiny ball of fluff walking up to the front door, trying to enter.

In an interview, Adam said:

“I was making food when one of my roommates said, ‘hey, there’s a cat here.’ I peeked around the corner and she was cautiously making her way a few feet into the door, sniffing the ground while keeping a watchful eye on us,” 

Adam Laigo

While the little calico was sniffing around, all of a sudden she got frightened and ran back outside. Adam then took can of tuna and went out to lure her back.

“I couldn’t just let a stray kitten that came in, go back out, if I had the chance to help.”

The kittie then came back and followed Adam into the apartment kitchen. She was obviously starving and as soon as he placed down the food, she immediately gobbled it down.

Adam Laigo

She quickly made friends with her human and cuddled up to him for attention and strokes.

He immediately took a liking to her and decided to name her Tuna.

Adam Laigo

“I gave her a shower after seeing how many fleas she had. That night, she slept in my bed, and every night since then. She’s already taken to sleeping under the blankets with me.”

The little fluff was taken to the veterinarian where she was treated for parasites, fleas, and worms. They could not find anything, and since nobody in the neighborhood was looking for her, Adam just knew it was all meant to be.

“Tuna has chosen her forever home… And she’s teaching me how much energy one little gal can fit in to the few hours she’s awake each day.”

Tuna is very adventurous, playful and filled with energy.

Adam Laigo

“She loves climbing around on the forts I made out of boxes, but her favorite thing to do is definitely playing fetch with her catnip mice. I’ll throw them up the stairs or into the kitchen, and she’ll run after them and bring them back after an enthusiastic ‘Get it, Tuna!'”

Adam Laigo

She plays tirelessly and always comes to Adam for cuddles after a day filled with adventures.

“At times, you can see the kitten in her as she bolts around the house and up the stairs at top speed. But she’s a sweetheart and loves sleeping under the blanket. She’ll let me know it’s time for bed by plopping in between me and my phone until I put it away,” Adam said.

Adam Laigo

“She’s inquisitive, calm and affectionate most of the time but an energetic playful kitten at any other time.”

Adam Laigo

Adam had always wanted to have an animal, but he did not expect that a homeless kitten would find a way into his life. After a month together, the two go on long walks, they play fetch and cuddle every night.

“The stray kitten is gone and the new and improved happy-go-lucky kitten with a family is here,” Adam told Love Meow.

“She’s really been nothing short of a dream.”

Watch Tuna’s journey in the video below:

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