Want to live in a Hobbit House? This guy from UK built one for £3000

Have you ever dreamed of living a simpler life? Maybe somewhere peaceful where your soul can rest, your body can breathe in some fresh air and your mind can just reawaken. Somewhere you can be at ease. Somewhere you won’t be a victim of the stressful city life.
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If yes, Simon Dale has a solution for you. He had been annoyed with the way people constructed their homes. . After all, these are the places where they should be able to relax  and unwind from the stressful days. Dale found the solution for his problem in “Hobbit houses”. He moved with his family to the countryside to live in one which he built with his own two hands. He is neither and architect, nor a contractor. Despite that, he succeeded in building a charming eco-friendly home. With his father-in-law’s technical assistance, a chainsaw and a hammer, he did that for less than £3000.
Dale was given a plot of land free of charge from a local resident as a reward for guiding the rest of the property. In less than four months, his project was finished. It is built mainly from scrap but also reused stones, mud and wood. The house is nestled into a hillside for insulation and so not to have a great impact on the environment. Hay bales and water-proof plastic sheets form the roof. The hay bales serve as an insulator.

Dale diverted water from a nearby spring but there is no information if he uses something to generate electricity.
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On his web-site he says that is great fun creating a home which is a part of the land and a part of yourself, too. Using natural materials is eco-friendly unlike the dangerous carcinogenic poisons that fill up most modern buildings.

Would you live in a hobbit house?



For more information on building low impact homes, visit www.simondale.net

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